Why Would You Write a Business Plan?

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I’m sure you have heard that part of a business is a business plan, but why? You can understand why the big retailers would need one, after all they are working in big bucks, but why would a small, often one man show, bother? In the end, it comes down to whether or not you are planning on remaining where you are or taking your business to the next level. If you are now in the process of doing your business plan, try to consider implementing a strong POS similar to the ones at Revel Systems.

See where you are and where you are going….In the past we used paper maps but now in our technological world, almost everyone relies on GPS for directions.  The similarity is that they both provide directions to get from point A to point B.  Same concept applies in business.  When you write a business plan you are forced to stop and think about where your business is going and what your goals are.  Without this thought process you are going to end up wandering aimlessly around the backroads and eventually get stuck in the mud!

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Create interim goals….You cannot just say that you would like to attract 100 new customers this year and expect them to magically appear in your shop!  You have to create a plan to attract them which forces you to be very specific in your time planning.  You will waste less time on things that do not take you where you want to go when you have a goal in mind. It is crucial that you keep on updating your garmin nuvi update maps free in order to know about the latest route added in any region. You can update Garmin Nuvi maps by two ways. One is with the help of Garmin Express and the other is myGarmin Account.

Track your milestones…part of any good business plan is a list of milestones which let you know you are on the right track.  In addition to keeping your business focused, these milestones can be used as mini celebrations and motivation to keep your head down and working when often you are not seeing grand results.  Take the time to look at your milestones and celebrate reaching each and every one!

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Feel like a “real” business…one of the pitfalls many creative people fall into is how to bridge the two sides of their business; one side being the artsy and creative soul who creates for the love of creating and one side the business person who is in this to make a profit from their work.  A business plan is key to reminding that creative side of you that this is still a business and that while playing is fun, you must also track what sells, what is costs, what your overhead is and where you want to go.  This little bit of no nonsense information will make your business more successful and eventually allow you more play time!

In the end, a business plan is really not the punishing chore that is sounds like at the onset, but a tool to help you focus your business and allow you to grow.  Each reached milestone is a goal accomplished and brings you one step closer to your dreams of being a self supporting handmade artist!

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