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Discover Handmade August 30


Hello Everyone and you guessed it, it’s time for Discover Handmade. Proudly, I would like to share the following items, created by five unique artists, right here on Handmade Artists Shop. Let’s take a closer look at these fabulous hand-crafted products: Felted Pin Brooch Flower Unique Handmade Accessory for Outfit Unique pin-brooch is made of […]

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On Fire for Handmade is on the Hunt for your Samba Reds


Great Finds Hunt Samba Red Great Finds Hunt for Samba Red. The theme this week is the new Fall Color 2013 by Pantone. A Fiery Red is the rich foundation color on which other tones are layered Summer is nearly over and Fall is Fast approaching so lets get those beautiful creations out there! Show […]

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Discover Handmade August 23


Welcome Everyone….It’s time to Discover Handmade….What interesting items did I find to share with you today? Hmmmm! A beautiful sea glass necklace, colorful stained glass bird, a stylish headband, some clever vinyl lettering, and a multi gemstone bracelet. So without further ado…..Let’s take a look at the items for this week. Blue Floral Pattern Button […]

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On Fire HA Shop Shout Out

handmade wedding card

Bethie’s Cards On Fire for Handmade Shout Out!   Today’s On Fire for Handmade Ha Shop Shout Out is for Bethie’s Cards. You will find Handmade greeting cards especially for kids. She also makes cards for birthdays, Christmas and many other occasions. Beth started selling her work online in February of 2012, however according to […]

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Great Finds Hunt


Great Finds Hunt is On! Great Finds Hunt is up and running! We are always on the Hunt for Handmade Creations! Come join in on the Fun! Every Wednesday we host a Great Finds Hunt on the On Fire for Handmade Site. To participate simply copy and paste the link to your item in the […]

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Handmade Tote Bag Tutorial


To make this quick and easy shopping bag you’ll need two 40″ x 20″ pieces of different fabric: one for the outer bag and one for the lining. Draw the pattern on a large piece of paper and cut out. Cut two pieces on fold from each fabric. Pin pieces for the outer bag right […]

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Creative Clogs – Finding The Clogs and Creatively Unclogging Them

embracing cirlces

Ever wonder how to unclog your creativity? Well I have and still do. I have found that over the last few months I have not been able to design a new piece of jewelry and therefore have just been doing some of the same things that I have done before. Which is great practice, don’t […]

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Backlinks – DIY for SEO

Handmade Link Bracelet

I’ve been trying to spend a little time each day to learn something new about SEO (search engine optimization), tags, metatags, anything to help with getting my brand out there so people will love my shop, and more importantly, purchase from my shop. I have discovered, the hard way, that the phrase “if you build […]

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Blue Buddha Boutique Giveaway Winner!!!


March 2013 Not only do crafters like to craft, they like to help other crafters craft. They even enjoy encouraging non-crafters to craft. They’re crafty like that. I consider myself pretty crafty but I’ve never tried my hand at chainmaille. I love it and marvel at it frequently but had never actually tried it until…I […]

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How to turn your unused craft supplies into cash

handmade lampwork beads

Now that the holidays are over, you’re probably wondering how you can generate income in January. This is a great time to think about turning some of your excess craft supplies into cash so that you can pay off those holiday bills (or purchase more supplies.) We all have supplies and tools that we purchased […]

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