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The Secret to Show Set-Up in a Jiffy
handmade display booth

Like most artists/craftsmen, many of us do festivals and shows as a way to create a market for our creations. Regardless of what it is that we display, the steps are the same for everyone; travel to location, check-in with organizer, unload, set-up, be open for the show, tear down, load up, travel to home. […]

Facing the Reality of Selling Online

I’ve written about the reality of selling online before, but the message bears repeating. This is the 21st century, and more and more people shop online. Just a few years ago, shopping online was not the norm – you shopped online when you couldn’t find what you wanted locally, in person. But these days, people […]

Be Remembered For Your Beautiful Work, Not Your Horrible Picture!
Preemie Black White Front

It’s been said over and over again that photos are SO important in online sales. Hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of pieces have been written telling you how to take decent photos, yet the problem persists, and people still wonder why their beautiful work goes unsold. Rather than write on lighting and F-stops, I’ve compiled an array […]

The Truth About Working From Home

The very idea is delicious! You are going to make a living creating art and beauty from the comfort of your home. You are going to put your treasures up on the internet while still in your jammies and sipping your coffee and have all the free time in the world to take care of […]

Is There Such a Thing As a “Bad Show?”
art fest

A whole lot of handmade artisans decide to do a show – some form of arts and crafts festival. Everyone tends to judge the success – or failure – of such events in dollars and cents alone. But sales alone do not determine whether a show is a good show or a bad show. The […]

More to a Craft show than Your Product
craft show

In addition to all the physical items to cross off your craft show list why not take a few minutes to think about the psychology of selling at craft shows and see if that doesn’t help to increase your sales. Many studies have been done on the psychology of selling and the big boys know […]

Don’t let Social Media Get the Best Of You

Social media is a huge, and often free, tool of small businesses to promote their work and get their name out to the public; but are you using it correctly or are you shooting yourself in the foot? Social media is anything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to your blog. You are connecting with […]

Expanding With Pinterest

Like so many of you small businesses out there, I try to keep my eye out for new ways to promote and connect with potential customers. There are so many new online applications popping up on a regular basis, it is always tough to know which ones are a good use of our time and […]

Who are You Targeting?
recycled tire bird feeder

After spending hours designing, creating, photographing, and listing your handmade treasure you are then required to market it! But who are you marketing too? Do you really know who your customer is or are you just wasting your precious marketing time blitzing every social media and hoping that your customer finds you? The internet is […]

Who do you blame for slow sales?
handamde cuff

Your Venue? Resellers? Large collectives? Bad economy? Any and all of the above can and will have an impact on our sales. And since they are out of our personal control, what do you think is the best way to rise above all or any one of them? Lately, I’ve seen so many online discussions […]


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