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A Journey from Rock to Jewelry

About two months ago, a man contacted a local brick and mortar jewelry store. He walked in with a 20 pound rock. He asked the bench jeweler what it was. The jeweler said, that he did not know how to identify a rock, but he knew someone who could help him. So I got a […]

On Fire Shout Out for Lori’s Wire Jewelry

Lori’s Wire Jewelry Handmade Artists Shop Shout Out Lori’s Wire Jewelry is this weeks On Fire for Handmade HA Shop Shout Out! You will find custom wire wrapped jewelry designs! Pictured Left: Personalize Wire Wrapped Necklace-Each name is made with 18 gauge non tarnish silver plated wire and attached on colored cord of your choice. […]

Discover Handmade July 5

Good Morning Everyone! Yesterday we celebrated a National Holiday and I trust that everyone had a nice time with family and friends. Great! So lets get down to business as Discover Handmade gears up for Christmas…. LOL I know! I hear ya…. It’s five months away, but I have noticed there are a few shops […]

Crochet Hooked

Come on in…get to know me. I’m Cari Baker, and I have a love for crochet (creating and teaching). One of my goals is to show that anyone can create useful and beautiful items they believe are beyond their wildest dreams. My jewelry design, Braidlets®, is a prime example. To begin my story I want […]

Featured Artist ColettesBoutique

There is a special gift that allows some people to combine different types of gemstones and silver in a way that is absolute perfection in every way, jewelry that does not scream look at me! Yet you can not help but notice because of the intricate elegance. Colette is one of those special people who […]

Blessings… In All Shapes… Colors.. Sizes…

  I am learning the ropes as far as computers and selling online… and let me just say that I have come across so many fantastic ladies… that are “covering my back ” so to speak… they are helpful.. knowledgeable… kind… considerate… looking out for others… Yes, no doubt there are some that are strictly […]

Celebrate the Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred and the fall season has officially begun. With the advent of this season my creative muse has taken on a new vigor. Starting with the original form of silver smithing — wire wrapping, I made a pendant with a cobalt colored druzy agate in the center of the wire […]

Featured Artist Bobbi Wired

How many times have you dreamed of quitting your day job, staying home in your PJs and creating full time?  Many?  I know that many creative types dream just this.  But, would you actually do it?  I know that this leap of faith is enough to cause many to take a step back, but I […]

4 His Glory Creations by CJ

Some people talk about creativity and passion, while others live it! Such is so true about CJ Bauschka who is the sole caregiver of her mother as well as wife and mother of eight children as well as Grammy to four grandchildren! She is passionate about her family and loves to make large meals to […]

Handmaden Designs

There is something very exciting, and at the same time, terrifying about following your passion.  Laura, AKA Narrina, AKA Handmaden Designs chose just this path and is steadily turning her passion into a successful business. Laura was born in Ireland where her parents were missionaries for 13 years.  This start probably fed her love of […]


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