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Facing the Reality of Selling Online

I’ve written about the reality of selling online before, but the message bears repeating. This is the 21st century, and more and more people shop online. Just a few years ago, shopping online was not the norm – you shopped online when you couldn’t find what you wanted locally, in person. But these days, people […]

September Is National Sewing Month

President Ronald Reagan first declared September as National Sewing Month in 1982. For those who love to sew in one form or another this makes September one of our favorite months. There are so many different ways to express our creativity. Whether you sew by hand or with a machine, there is nothing like watching […]

Celebrate National Dog Day with Handmade Artists

National Dog Day is observed annually on August 26th.. This day encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse free life. There are few things more exciting, or more adorable than securing a new puppy for your home. Just as […]

How much “handmade” does it really have to be to qualify?
hand dyed marino wool

This question arose for me when I looked at some of the handmade websites around the internet and was surprised what I found. Does it have to be at least 60%, 80% or 100% handmade to be called that? So the outcome would be that of a “handmade item of superior quality?” Hanging a purchased […]

Blue Roses Design

Hi, I’m Vincenza, 53 years old, mom to three really cool people, and grandma to two awesome little people. I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 30 years, and our life has been one big adventure. My husband, a disabled combat vet, served in the 82ndAirborne for 11 years and we […]

Discover Handmade August 22
Discover Handmade August 22

Good Morning Friends! Welcome to Discover Handmade August 22, where handmade is revealed. Today’s featured products are: Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings, Personalized Mommy Bracelet, Scottish Thistle Turbo Spurtle, and Tree of Life Malachite Necklace. So without further ado, lets have a closer look at these terrific handmade items! Citrine Earrings Sterling Silver November Birthstone […]

Discover Handmade August 15
Discover Handmade August 15

Hello friends, readers, artists, and shoppers thanks for joining me today for Discover Handmade August 15! Discover Handmade is here to help promote handmade items that artists create and sell in their shops here at “Supporting Handmade”….the motto for HA speaks for its’ self. So, let’s get stared with this weeks Discover Handmade! Pink […]

Discover Handmade August 8
Discover Handmade August 8

Hello Friends…..Welcome to another Discover Handmade from Today I am sharing products from the following skillful artists: LADesignsInSilver, LoonerCreations, Coolbeadgirl, and fotisffw. Now, lets get started with….Discover Handmade August 8. Argentium Silver Stick Earrings Fun and unique! These Argentium silver paddle earrings are decorated with a curvy wire and a heat formed bead of […]

Discover Handmade July 4
Discover Handmade July 4

Discover Handmade July 4 Hello Everyone on this fine Friday morning…..It’s time to Discover Handmade July 4 , right here on Today I have 5 special handmade items to share with you, all of which are made by artists that currently have a online shop here at You won’t find mass produced items […]

Handmade Artists Shop “Not Limited” by Loretta

I like to introduce Loretta and her ceramics today. Her shop here on is called “Not Limited” and here is the link Her creatures just make laugh and smile form ear to ear. How cute is this lil creature, I just delighted in this adorable lil dinosaur. Seems like he is looking straight […]


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