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Don’t let Social Media Get the Best Of You

Don't let Social Media Get the Best Of You

Social media is a huge, and often free, tool of small businesses to promote their work and get their name out to the public; but are you using it correctly or are you shooting yourself in the foot? Social media is anything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to your blog. You are connecting with customers and trying to gain interest, and eventually sales, for your business. Fill out those profiles!  I can’t tell you how many facebook pages I have ...

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Do you have a brand promise?

Do you have a brand promise?

  Written by Albina Rose Some time ago, I participated in an online discussion where this topic came up, and I had honestly, never thought of it until then. But the conversation did get me thinking about it. And thinking about it even more. Until I came to understand how important it is to have a brand identity and brand promise. "The brand promise is what audiences are assured of receiving as a result of their relationship with the brand." And another from Brain ...

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What are Your Pictures Saying About Your Work

What are Your Pictures Saying About Your Work

A picture is worth a thousand words. Truer words were never spoken especially when you are trying to sell your hard work online. Nobody is saying that amazing pictures are easy, you just have to spend a few minutes in most any craft/sales forum and you will find a thread about how to improve their product pictures but please know that the effort is well worth the work if you are planning on making your business a success. You have about ...

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Your Business Card

Your Business Card

Hello, So you've made a sale and sent a happy customer off with their wonderful handmade item. Now what? How will that customer get in touch with you if they need or want to return for another purchase? How will they tell their friends about the wonderful shop from which they purchase their item? Your business card.   The other day I received a call from a gentleman looking for someone to wire-wrap something for him.  As I don't do that I wanted ...

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Do you struggle with how to price your handmade craft?

Do you struggle with how to price your handmade craft?

This is probably the number two question I am asked by artists and crafts people: "how do I know how much to charge for my handmade items?" My answer: There is no one single formula. How you price your creative work depends on many factors. The most important thing is that you are making a profit and your market will bear the price. If you're crafting as a hobby, you may be just covering materials but if you intend to create ...

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Putting Together Press Kits

Putting Together Press Kits

I recently was lucky enough to attend the Buyers Market as a member of the press. While getting my permission badge to carry my camera and take photos, we were directed to the press table which turned into an eye opening experience. On this table were folders, envelopes and brochures from the various vendors displaying at the show. Every vendor did not provide a kit and after looking through many I couldn’t understand why? These little packs gave me a ...

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Discover Handmade April 18

Handmade Discorery on Handmade Artists

Discover Handmade April 18 Welcome everyone to Discover Handmade April 18. I found some very interesting items to share with all of you today….so lets get right to it! Hold on to your Easter Bonnets…..Here we Go!   HoneysuckleSalvage created this Origami Book Sculpture. Yes it is a work of art and personalized with your […]

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On Fire Shout Out Doin it with Leather

handmade leather

HA Shop Shout Outs Doin’ it with Leather HA Shop Shout Out Doin’ it with Leather 3 new shops that are filled with leather creations! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself! Creative Pet Collars Bling Bling for your pets! Customized Leather Creations […]

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handmade aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue to blue/green colored variety of the mineral Beryl. Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate (Be3Al2(Si6O18)) that occurs in pegmatite formations over a wide range of geography. The color of the mineral specimen determines the gem name. Probably the most famous of the beryl gemstones is the green variety with chrome […]

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And here is Bev from MulchnMore, a shop were everything is still handmade

handmade roving

Meet Bev from MulchnMore. You will find in her shop here on Handmadeartists.com. You will find at MulchnMore hand spun yarn, hand dyed fibers, hand poured soy candles, wood- burned decor and knitted, felted items. And those are just a few of the crafts that she does and plans to fill her store with. She […]

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3 Secrets To Pricing Your Handmade Goods Correctly

free pricing calculator

The ongoing discussion of “How do I price my work” with artisans is a common topic among forums and blogs with many different variations of pricing formula and thoughts on the best way to price accordingly. In this article I’m going to look at how some people price their work and then show you how […]

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Discover Handmade April 11

Discovering Handmade

Discover Handmade April 11 Good Morning Friends! Welcome to Discover Handmade April 11. I do believe spring has arrived…although if you live in So. California, it feels like summer! HOT! Speaking of hot….I’d like to introduce the following artists for April 11 Discover Handmade: therodeorose, milminedesign, CynthiaIves, and chainmaille. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ […]

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On Fire Shout Out Quilting Supreme


Quilting Supreme HA Shop Shout Outs Quilting SupremeHa Shop Shout Outs! 3 new shops that are filled with quilted creations! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself!     i Knit Quilt Sew offers boutique quality for mom and baby at affordable prices. […]

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PatchworkMountain, meet Diane, the owner of this fabulous shop on Handmadeartists.com

handmade table runner

Hi everyone, meet Diane, who is behind all these beautiful quilted pieces in her shop PatchworkMountain on Handmadeartists.com. A warm colorful table topper invites you to sit down and have a cuppa and chat, yes…. Diane makes all kinds of patchwork quilt art by hand to decorate your home. She knows that quilted art can […]

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On Fire Shout Outs Beads Bows and Gems


On Fire Shout Out Beads Bows and Gems creations from these 3 shops in this weeks On fire for Handmade Shout Outs! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself!             A Bead Thing is filled with beautiful jewelry […]

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Discover Handmade April 4th

handmade discovery

Welcome to Discover Handmade for April 4th Good Morning Everyone! It’s time for Discover Handmade for the 4th of April. The following artists create all of the products shared today on Discover Handmade: Keyper, ArtbyNancyPace, HelpingHandsGraphicDesigns, and thunderroseleather. Woo Hoot! So….lets have a look at these wonderful handmade items from HandmadeArtists.com ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ […]

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