What is Shabby Chic Art and Decor


since so many misinterpret this specific style of decor or art work, I decided to visit Wiki and get some explanation out there in the Online land. One can describe it as whimsy, all pastel colors, made to look worn and old, Roses, roses, roses, chandeliers, white, natural, ivory colors….. Shabby chic items are often […]

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Holiday Decorating – Hand Made


  I love the Holidays!!! I love the colors, the smells, the music, the laughter, and, of course, the food. What I love most of all, though, is the decorating. Every year I buy, or make, one or two new ornaments, one or two new pieces of kitschy Holiday jewelry. My Christmas tree has become […]

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Why Would You Write a Business Plan?


I’m sure you have heard that part of a business is a business plan, but why? You can understand why the big retailers would need one, after all they are working in big bucks, but why would a small, often one man show, bother? In the end, it comes down to whether or not you […]

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Happy National Oatmeal Day

front1_ca42312042012122742 (1)

You got it, now that the weather is turning colder, it is time for a warm breakfast of oatmeal! Not really into an oatmeal breakfast? Well, that does not mean you can’t celebrate along with us anyways thanks to some extremely talented artists and their oatmeal inspired work. Oatmeal Katniss Inspired Cross Body Cowl from […]

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What is an Artist Statement and Why Do I Need One?

Facing Southeast Quilt - iKnitQuiltSew

With my new direction of applying to “better” shows came new challenges and learning opportunities. I recently completed my application to the St. George Art Festival. It included the typical personal information (name, address, medium, etc.) and pictures of my work and booth. Additionally, it required that I submit an Artist Statement and a CV/Resumé.  […]

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How much “handmade” does it really have to be to qualify?

hand dyed marino wool

This question arose for me when I looked at some of the handmade websites around the internet and was surprised what I found. Does it have to be at least 60%, 80% or 100% handmade to be called that? So the outcome would be that of a “handmade item of superior quality?” Hanging a purchased […]

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Tis the Season?


It’s October 30th; time to think of pumpkins, trick or treaters, and that oh so lovely fall nip to the air. The summer is barely two weeks behind us, the winter still weeks away. So why, then, has my local dollar store started putting up Christmas displays? Actually the displays started going up here in […]

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The Truth About Working From Home


The very idea is delicious! You are going to make a living creating art and beauty from the comfort of your home. You are going to put your treasures up on the internet while still in your jammies and sipping your coffee and have all the free time in the world to take care of […]

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Is There Such a Thing As a “Bad Show?”

art fest

A whole lot of handmade artisans decide to do a show – some form of arts and crafts festival. Everyone tends to judge the success – or failure – of such events in dollars and cents alone. But sales alone do not determine whether a show is a good show or a bad show. The […]

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National Coffee Day


“…you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running” ~ Jeff Bezos Coffee, the drink of the gods, well, that and me! My day must begin with coffee so today is the perfect day to celebrate….It’s National Coffee Day! So, on honor of the momentous event, I invite you […]

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