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Finishing a Bead Necklace

Finished Necklace

In the picture are the tools that I use to finish a necklace and make matching ear rings: crimping pliers, round nose pliers, two pair of flat nose pliers and wire cutters. These are available in a variety of makes and quality. 1. Place a crimp on the wire. I use 2 mm crimps so […]

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The “Candy Bomber”

handmade homemade chocolate covered caramel candy

Christmas 1948, the “Candy Bomber” I was 2 years old lil girl and remember it well. How happy we were, all of us, who had nothing and were hungry. That is why I still today love candy, maybe even to much. And handmadeartist.com has plenty of it…. Christmas from Heaven is a true story of […]

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Blue Roses Design

smaller pic of me 2

Hi, I’m Vincenza, 53 years old, mom to three really cool people, and grandma to two awesome little people. I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 30 years, and our life has been one big adventure. My husband, a disabled combat vet, served in the 82ndAirborne for 11 years and we […]

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Discover Handmade August 22

Discover Handmade August 22

Good Morning Friends! Welcome to Discover Handmade August 22, where handmade is revealed. Today’s featured products are: Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings, Personalized Mommy Bracelet, Scottish Thistle Turbo Spurtle, and Tree of Life Malachite Necklace. So without further ado, lets have a closer look at these terrific handmade items! Citrine Earrings Sterling Silver November Birthstone Gemstone […]

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Back to School-Time for Mom to Relax


  It’s that time again! The big yellow buses are coming down the road and that means a well deserved break for mom! To help you enjoy your first day alone in three months, allow me to tempt you with a few handmade treasures to get you started. Ginger Tonic Immunity Support Tea Bulk Loose […]

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Discover Handmade August 15

Discover Handmade August 15

Hello friends, readers, artists, and shoppers thanks for joining me today for Discover Handmade August 15! Discover Handmade is here to help promote handmade items that artists create and sell in their shops here at HandmadeArtists.com. “Supporting Handmade”….the motto for HA speaks for its’ self. So, let’s get stared with this weeks Discover Handmade! Pink […]

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Quilt or Comforter? What’s the Difference and Who Cares?

Fish Quilt

Quilt or Comforter? Comforter or Quilt? Is there a difference and if there is, why should I care? Both items are typically bedding. They both keep you warm and cozy. They both have several layers to them. What’s the big deal? There is a Difference Even though the function of a quilt and a comforter […]

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Discover Handmade August 8

Discover Handmade August 8

Hello Friends…..Welcome to another Discover Handmade from HandmadeArtists.com. Today I am sharing products from the following skillful artists: LADesignsInSilver, LoonerCreations, Coolbeadgirl, and fotisffw. Now, lets get started with….Discover Handmade August 8. Argentium Silver Stick Earrings Fun and unique! These Argentium silver paddle earrings are decorated with a curvy wire and a heat formed bead of […]

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And Yet Another Word About Photos

handmade doll

I’ve had a run on miniature rag dolls lately, and that’s a good thing! So I’ve been making them non-stop, and they keep leaving. A few days ago, I listed one with blonde hair, green eyes, and a pink gingham dress. The photos I took turned out terrific, I thought…..the doll is clear and crisp, […]

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Discover Handmade August 1

Discover Handmade August 1

Discover Handmade August 1 Good day everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade on August 1. Did you know that HandmadeArtists.com is 100% all handmade? Yes! Did you know that I have 5 new handmade products, made by artists right here on HandmadeArtists.com? Indeed…..shall we have a closer look? GREAT…..Lets do it! Copper Swirls Metal Hair […]

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