And here is Bev from MulchnMore, a shop were everything is still handmade
handmade roving

Meet Bev from MulchnMore. You will find in her shop here on You will find at MulchnMore hand spun yarn, hand dyed fibers, hand poured soy candles, wood- burned decor and knitted, felted items. And those are just a few of the crafts that she does and plans to fill her store with. She […]

Why Do I Do This?
knitting pattern

  I have been up to my eyeballs lately in baby blankets. I actually love knitting these. Nine out of ten of them are the pattern pictured, which is handed down from my great-grandmother. It’s so enjoyable to knit in straight rows and end up with this wavy blanket. Plus, baby yarn is a delight […]

A short history of knitting

Since I’ve been an enthusiastic knitter for years I was interested in learning something about the origins of this wonderful craft. I hope you enjoy reading what I found out. Very little is known about when and where people began to knit because knitting is made of organic fibers like wool and silk that decay […]

Evolution of Handmade

There is always discussion about what is and isn’t handmade. defines handmade as “made by hand, not by machine, especially with care or craftsmanship .” But even that definition has changed as times have changed. Back in the pioneer days, handmade was just that… made with your hands. There was no electricity, and there […]

Yankee Burrow Creations

Like most every other artist I know, I grew up with an artist parent. Nana (my mom) was a very active artist back in the 60’s and 70’s, and entered in all kinds of art shows in Western New York. The biggest one was the Allentown Art Festival, and I loved it! Being surrounded by […]

Juggling being a Handmade Artist
handmade clutch

Knit One.. Pearl Two – My “Online” Afghan I wanted to find a clever way to tell my online adventure and thought of Knitting an Afghan! Much like this craft I started my “Online” Afghan in 2008. I picked my colors, and style etc. and began knitting away. As my afghan grew in size I […]

Cr8tive Lefty

Growing up on the Peninsula of Northern California gave me the opportunity to enjoy a range of outdoor activities, sports, and a wide variety of beautiful landscapes by plane, automobile and cruise ship. All of these experiences served to inspired my creative nature. As an adult, I have had the good fortune of traveling, and […]

knit quilt sew

My name is Sandi Levy; they tell me I am a fiber artist. I have a very difficult time owning that term. Although I understand that what I do takes a modicum of creative ability, I have trouble with the “artist” part of the phrase. Perhaps ‘fiber obsessive’ would work better!   My mediums are […]

I Beat those Handmade Button Blues

By Beverley Start, March 2012 I’ll be enjoying one of those afternoons where I will be cruising the internet and finding inspiration again and again, meeting new artists, and just loving the access we have these days because we’re all online. I mean, it’s such a wonderful thing that we can interact with artists across […]

Featured Artist GloryC
Sage Clothe

Gloria is an amazing talent that is never satisfied doing just one thing. In addition to working as a freelance New York City broadcaster and voice over artist, she has been a guest coordinator for an internet-based convention as well as doing the occasional job for comic strip artist Pete Abrams. Sound like a lot? […]


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