National Farriers Week!
Horse of Another Color

National Farriers Week, from July 10-16, honors the men and women who care for and maintain the hooves of horses. This highly specialized trade requires skill in hoof care, blacksmithing, as well as care of injured and diseased hooves. While caring for these amazing animals, it is not unusual to receive calls at odd hours, […]

How much “handmade” does it really have to be to qualify?
hand dyed marino wool

This question arose for me when I looked at some of the handmade websites around the internet and was surprised what I found. Does it have to be at least 60%, 80% or 100% handmade to be called that? So the outcome would be that of a “handmade item of superior quality?” Hanging a purchased […]

Handmade Artists Shop “Not Limited” by Loretta

I like to introduce Loretta and her ceramics today. Her shop here on is called “Not Limited” and here is the link Her creatures just make laugh and smile form ear to ear. How cute is this lil creature, I just delighted in this adorable lil dinosaur. Seems like he is looking straight […]

Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 December 13

Welcome to Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 Hello Everybody…Ready sing…’On the 12th day of Christmas my true….’lol It’s time for Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 from Handmade Artists Shop for December 13, 2013. Here we are with only 12 days until Christmas and I’ve yet to start my shopping. ;o) How about you, have you […]

Cappuccinos Are On Me

Cappuccinos Are On Me A Polymer Clay Key-chain Tutorial By Beverley Start August 2013 Here’s a fun and easy polymer clay picture tutorial for clayers at all levels of expertise. I handmade this tiny mug filled with frothy cappuccino and wanted to share. OK so the colors of clay you will need are white for […]

Discover Handmade August 2

Discover Handmade Hi Friends and welcome to Discover Handmade for Friday, August 2, 2013. August’s birthstone is Peridot or Onyx, the zodiac signs are Leo & Virgo , and the birth flowers are gladiolus and the poppy. Lets have a look at the items I selected to represent August. Lampwork Boro Focal Glass Blown Vessel […]

Discover Handmade June 28

Good Morning Everyone! A charm bracelet, snack bag, masquerade mask, cabochon, and an art print are all featured on Discover Handmade for June 28. Handmade artists’ use their skills and imagination when designing their unique creations, which is evident by these artists: DaraGallery, FabFunky, Ramussengems, Uniqlets, and PineappleSpiceGirl from ┬áThe product titles, artist names, […]

Why Is Handmade Better?

Written By iKnitQuiltSew We all believe, or have had someone tell us, that handmade is better the manufactured. But why is that? Is handmade really better or is it an illusion or a myth? What is “Handmade?” For the purpose of this article, I’m defining handmade as something that is NOT made in a factory […]

Memories of Christmas Past-Part 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous holiday season. As previously described in my postings, “Memories of Christmas Past-Part 1“, and Memories of Christmas Past -Part 2, the holidays are a wonderful time to make memories with friends and family. While decorating each year I think about the time and creativity that my mother […]

Did You Remember To sign Your Work?

Did You Remember To sign Your Work? Do you know what the number one reason is for not being able to identify a work of art? The number one answer is a missing or illegible artist’s signature. Imagine if you will hundreds of years from now maybe in a gallery store room or attic, perhaps […]


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