Cappuccinos Are On Me

Cappuccinos Are On Me

A Polymer Clay Key-chain Tutorial

By Beverley Start

August 2013

Here’s a fun and easy polymer clay picture tutorial for clayers at all levels of expertise. I handmade this tiny mug filled with frothy cappuccino and wanted to share. Polymer clay key chain

OK so the colors of clay you will need are white for the foamy milk, a light tan to brown color for the espresso, and a color of your choice for the mug. I chose a burgundy. You’ll need a blade to cut the clay or you could just pull pieces off, a wire, and two rings; a key ring and a link ring. Polymer clay
Step 1 – Starting with the mug, take a piece of clay and roll it into a ball. Mine has a diameter of ¾” but you can make it as small or big as you like. Ball the clay
Step 2 – Shape the ball into an upside down mug.Step 3 – Make an indent on top of the mug using a coin or whatever you have handy that will work. shape the clay
Step 4 – Time to make the foamy milk. Roll out two lengths, one of white and the other tan or brown. Twist them together, roll it out, and twist it a second time. Polymer clay twist cane
Step 5 – Take the double twisted length and curl it up into a disc shape. Make the diameter smaller by squeezing the sides all around to create a barrel shape. The barrel needs to be the same diameter or smaller than the indent you made in the top of your mug.Step 6 – Slice an end off the barrel, flatten it to spread it out to the diameter you need and fit it into the indent you made on the top of the mug. Bevel the edges with your fingertips to give it a slight dome shape. Coil the clay
Step 7 – Make a small handle for your cappuccino mug by laying the wire out straight, then fashion a handle by rolling a piece of clay out with your fingertips. Feed the wire through the handle and bend the ends like in the pic below. The bends in the wire allow it to really attach itself to the mug especially after baking so go ahead and attach the handle to the mug. add the clay handle
Step 8 – Bake it according to the direction on the polymer clay package. When it’s cool, give it two coats of polyurethane glaze (I left the foam unglazed to give it a dry effect but use your judgement), attach the rings and it’s done. Finished Polymer Keychain

Please enjoy this delicious tutorial…and don’t forget to share. :)

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