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Interested in becoming a seller on the Handmade Artists' Shop? There are a few things you need to know. First, you need to be a handmade artist; so look at yourself; are you a handmade artist passionately creating from the heart? If so, you're in the right place. Next, you need to be a paid subscriber of the Handmade Artists' Shop. This site was born out of the need for our members to have a venue that cares about the artist and sells handmade and handmade only.

So what do I get from my paid subscription?

Your paid subscription gives you the ability to setup a personal shop page and sell as many of your handmade products as you want. There are no listing fees and no commission fees.

What features do get with your new shop?

Here's the short list:

  • Customers can buy from multiple vendors through one checkout point.
  • Payment(s) for your product(s) are through Paypal only.
  • All items are automatically added to Google Product Search and The Find!!
  • Set up your shop policies, shipping and profile pages to reflect your style.
  • (SEO) Search engine optimization is handled automatically
  • Post multiple images per listing.
  • Separate your items into different shop sections. You create and name your own shop sections to sort your items. This way your store front is just how you want it!  This also makes it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for.
  • Internal PM system that you can use to communicate with buyers as well as other sellers.
  • You can set up shipping profiles to make it easy to give shipping discounts for multiple items as well as set prices for shipping around the globe.
  • Facebook integration (Coming Soon)
  • Post your twitter, facebook, and blog links on your shop page.
  • List as many products as you want, with no listing fees.
  • Sell as many products as you want with no commission. Believe it or not, we want you to make money!
  • We have now integrated coupons so that you can have a shop wide sale.

These are just a few of the highpoints. There are many additional features in the works.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are NO hidden fees! Keep your monthly subscription current, list and sell!

What can I sell? What is not allowed?

You can sell only handmade items. Simple!

You can not sell the following:

  • Resale or massed produced items
  • Unaltered vintage. What do we mean by this? Well, don’t list your grandmother’s sweater as is. On the other hand, if take a vintage item and alter it into something else or incorporate it into a new design then post away.
  • Mature items. If it is not safe work or you wouldn't let your kids see it then please do not post it here. We fully intend for The Handmade Artists' Shop to be family friendly.
  • Non-Handmade Supplies. There are multiple sites where you can buy and sell commercial supplies.  Get a bunch and make a ton of handmade goodies to list here! If, on the other hand, you make handmade supplies, such as lampwork or polymer clay beads, or cool metal clasps, then list away!

I hope you get the idea of the type of content we allow on this site. Please respect other artists by following these rules. If you chose not to follow these guidelines, please understand that we will be contacting you and removing the items that do not meet our guidelines. If it continues, you can expect to have your account deleted.

Sounds good, so how do I sign up?

Just click the register link on the top right of the site and then seller. You will then see the available subscription plans to choose from. Pick either the $5.00 a month plan or save $10.00 a year by picking the $50.00 a year annual plan. You will then be redirected to PayPal to set up your recurring monthly payments. Payments will be automatically deducted as when you sign up Paypal will create the recurring payment profile in your account and in our account. So there will be no billing.  That's it! You are now ready to login and set up your new shop!

Our mission is to create a safe and secure area for our members to sell their wares as well as give the world a place to buy high quality, handmade items from real artists.

That's it! Congratulations for getting to the bottom of the page and happy selling!

The Handmade Artists' Shop