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Featured Artist Debbie of BeadLady61


While many find their creativity in childhoods full of glitter and glue, others don’t stumble upon this creative streak until later in life. When you do find it is not nearly as important as what you do once you discover this desire to create; and Debbie has used her talents well. Debbie loved working with […]

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Featured Artist AJewell

opal and turquoise necklace handmade

I often hear about people that found their passion early in life and dove in with no looking back, but there are others that find their loves quite by accident! Such is the story of a lovely lady from Dublin Ireland and her love of beads. Annette was innocently waiting on a bus and had […]

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Wedding Delight!

Wedding Delight

      Classic Charm and sophistication! Perfect Wedding day and everyday selections flaunting signature woven pearl style, over-the top design, rhinestone brooches, and fabulous beading…wow factor indeed! Every piece has a story and as you embark on this journey why not participate with such Broochaliscious style…besides, your neck is just too hungry to pass […]

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Future Jewelry


In order to create my art, I first cut the stone that will go in the piece, then design around that.  Here are two stones cut in the lapidary in the past week.  The first is a piece of Lapis Lazuli about 2.5 inches long and it is very heavy.  Will probably use it in […]

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Vintage Remix!

Vintage Remix

How do you do Vintage? The beauty in Vintage lies within the actual pieces’ ability to speak with you. Brooches are my favorite pieces to “Remix!” As I received these fascinating pieces Broochaliscious ideas took flight! Fabulous brooch finds placed together, offering total accessorization…just scrumpscious! Jewelry transformed with fantastic necklaces with the thinking “your neck […]

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Blessings… In All Shapes… Colors.. Sizes…


  I am learning the ropes as far as computers and selling online… and let me just say that I have come across so many fantastic ladies… that are “covering my back ” so to speak… they are helpful.. knowledgeable… kind… considerate… looking out for others… Yes, no doubt there are some that are strictly […]

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Some Great Fun

Copper Cuff

These projects turned out so well, I can’t resist showing them.  A couple weeks ago I cut 8 beryl cabochons, some aquamarine, some emerald.  The aquas have made two pendants.  Here is the second: JR Aquamarine Pendant Freeform cabochon aquamarine weighing 43 carats in a Sterling silver wire frame accented with glass beads.  The pendant […]

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The Unaware Artist

Funky Flowers

I believe that everyone is an Artist. Maybe not by popular definition, but all people have tapped or untapped creativity. For example: hobbies such as kntting, sewing, painting, drawing and doodling require creativity. To me, people who engage in these activities are Artists. Whether they sell their work or not is inconsequential – they still […]

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Beading Excellence


4 His Glory Creations by CJ Some people talk about creativity and passion, while others live it! Such is so true about CJ Bauschka who is the sole caregiver of her mother as well as wife and mother of eight children as well as Grammy to four grandchildren! She is passionate about her family and […]

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Why I Knot Between the Beads


Knotting between the beads is important for a variety of reasons. Bead stringing, properly speaking, is a form of rigging. Where a knot is placed, it strengthens the cord three-fold. Consequently, if cord with a tensile strength of 17lbs. The cord is strengthened to 51lbs.10lb-test becomes 30lbs, etc. Thus, it secures the beads. This is […]

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