Happy National Oatmeal Day

You got it, now that the weather is turning colder, it is time for a warm breakfast of oatmeal! Not really into an oatmeal breakfast? Well, that does not mean you can’t celebrate along with us anyways thanks to some extremely talented artists and their oatmeal inspired work. Oatmeal Katniss Inspired Cross Body Cowl from […]

The Truth About Working From Home

The very idea is delicious! You are going to make a living creating art and beauty from the comfort of your home. You are going to put your treasures up on the internet while still in your jammies and sipping your coffee and have all the free time in the world to take care of […]

Is There Such a Thing As a “Bad Show?”

A whole lot of handmade artisans decide to do a show – some form of arts and crafts festival. Everyone tends to judge the success – or failure – of such events in dollars and cents alone. But sales alone do not determine whether a show is a good show or a bad show. The […]

Cappuccinos Are On Me

Cappuccinos Are On Me A Polymer Clay Key-chain Tutorial By Beverley Start August 2013 Here’s a fun and easy polymer clay picture tutorial for clayers at all levels of expertise. I handmade this tiny mug filled with frothy cappuccino and wanted to share. OK so the colors of clay you will need are white for […]

Finding Inspiration for Combining the New Colors in your Craft

Terri from Craft Biz Ever since I posted the Pantone Fall 2013 color palette, I’ve heard from readers saying they are having difficulty combining the colors in their work. I have a 3 word solution to that dilemma. “Take a Walk”. Just glancing at the color swatches, it does look like an odd group […]

Blue Buddha Boutique Giveaway Winner!!!

March 2013 Not only do crafters like to craft, they like to help other crafters craft. They even enjoy encouraging non-crafters to craft. They’re crafty like that. I consider myself pretty crafty but I’ve never tried my hand at chainmaille. I love it and marvel at it frequently but had never actually tried it until…I […]

March is National Craft Month

This is the month for us! Crafters, artists, and those that just love the smell of glue sticks in the morning….this month is for you! Welcome to National Craft Month and what better way to celebrate than with some amazing handmade supplies from the talented artisans on ? BUTTERFLIES batik appliques precision die cut […]

2012 is Dead…… Long Live 2013….,, and Your Money!

Ok……….. so it’s no great secret to those that know me or have read articles about me in various places, but I was, in my previous life in London, a self taught financial accountant. I worked for many years in the advertising industry and ran multi-million $ accounts. Yes, it was stressful and looking back, […]

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial by Beverley Start October 2012 I handmade these adorable polymer clay pumpkins today and really loved how they turned out so I thought I’d share the process with a tutorial. 1.Take equal parts of gold, yellow, and red and mix them together leaving them a bit streaky to create a […]

The Handmade Artist

By Beverley Start August 2012 This is one member’s account of what being part of the Handmade Artists community is like and why I think artists and crafts people should consider membership not only to boost their online presence but to be a part of something great! Let’s begin with the Handmade Artists Blog I’m […]


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