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Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u here on Handmadeartists.com

handmade bracelet

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u, right here on HandmadeArtists. A fine Jewelry store here on Handmadeartists.com. She recently gave up a consignment shop and now has all the time in the world to be creative and with HandmadeArtists. We love her here. I love her work so much, just look at this, I am swooning over […]

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Featured Artist Patti of Mosiax


What is your feeling when you are creating? According to Patti, “When I am imagining, drawing, sawing, and eventually mosaicking on of my creations, my mind is free of stress and problems. I am in a very quiet place that is free of the more negative aspects of life.” What an amazing way to spend […]

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Falling Leaves Day

candle holder

As weather turns cooler, one of the most amazing sights to see is the leaves turning colors and falling from the trees…of course, you then have to rake them up but then you can jump in them! In honor of this wondrous sight I present to you Falling Leaves Day and some beautiful handmade treasures […]

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March is National Craft Month


This is the month for us! Crafters, artists, and those that just love the smell of glue sticks in the morning….this month is for you! Welcome to National Craft Month and what better way to celebrate than with some amazing handmade supplies from the talented artisans on HandmadeArtists.com ? BUTTERFLIES batik appliques precision die cut […]

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Featured Artist Ann of Brushes with a View


There is something so special about giving and receiving handmade gifts. The thought, the time, the effort to create a one of a kind treasure for a special friend or family member makes the gift so much more. In one case, this desire to give a friend a personal gift led down a road she […]

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Raise Your Glass for National Margarita Day

Group Therapy

As spring slowly makes its way towards us, thoughts turn to warmer weather and outdoor parties! In honor of this tropical feeling, allow me to present to you National Margarita Day…and what better way to celebrate this festive occasion than with amazing handmade works of are from some of the talented members of HandmadeArtists! Bird […]

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Drink Wine Day


Raise your glasses and toast this special day….Drink Wine Day! Fused Glass Lollipop Bottle Stoppers Are you that strange breed of people that opens a bottle of wine and doesn’t finish the entire thing? Well, for those of you with that kind of control, I present these stunning works of art from the talented hands […]

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Appreciate a Dragon Day!


There is something magical about a dragon…and today is the perfect day to celebrate that magic than with handmade on National Appreciate a Dragon day. Kitsune vs Tatsu 8×10 print Absolutely mind blowingly beautiful from the talented hands of Tatsushop! Bright and fanciful print from an original drawing featuring Kyubi no kitsune fighting with a […]

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Happy Turtle Adoption Day


Turtles! Slow and not too cuddly, but amazingly cute all the same; and today, November 27, is Turtle Adoption Day! If you just can’t bring yourself to adopt a real live turtle, you don’t have to feel left out of the fun…celebrate with handmade from the incredibly talented artists on HandmadeArtists. Sea turtle guitar pick […]

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National Taco Day-Celebrate with Handmade


Happy National Taco Day! October 4 is the day to celebrate that wonderful Mexican food we all love….Tacos! Think about it, you can have hard or soft shell, beef, chicken, or vegetarian, hot or mild; the possibilities are endless. So in honor of one of my favorite “all in one hand” foods, I present some […]

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