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Blue Buddha Boutique

HAF and Blue Buddha

Last week I had to take a quick business trip to Chicago, and when you are in Chicago you get pizza right? No you visit Rebeca Mojica founder of Blue Buddha Boutique and then get pizza, or Ethiopian Food whatever is closest. Anyway my first trip to the windy city was highlighted by a quick […]

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Featured Artist The Bead Muse


Sometimes life happens and when it does, it can drag you down or set you on a new path of creativity. Such is the case of Califia, a stay at home mom who had put her creativity on the back burner until a leg injury left her searching for something to do! Right after hurting […]

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Blue Buddha Boutique Giveaway Winner!!!


March 2013 Not only do crafters like to craft, they like to help other crafters craft. They even enjoy encouraging non-crafters to craft. They’re crafty like that. I consider myself pretty crafty but I’ve never tried my hand at chainmaille. I love it and marvel at it frequently but had never actually tried it until…I […]

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Appreciate a Dragon Day!


There is something magical about a dragon…and today is the perfect day to celebrate that magic than with handmade on National Appreciate a Dragon day. Kitsune vs Tatsu 8×10 print Absolutely mind blowingly beautiful from the talented hands of Tatsushop! Bright and fanciful print from an original drawing featuring Kyubi no kitsune fighting with a […]

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Featured Artist Alixandra of The Alchemists Vessel


Crayons, play-doh, painting, knitting, anything to keep her hands moving; this is how Alixandra describes herself from the very beginning. Born and raised in sunny San Francisco,California; Alixandra spent her childhood surrounded by the wonderful art of the area whether is was going to the Japanese Tea Garden or the California Academy of Sciences or […]

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Makin the Best Of It and Chainmaille By MBOI


Andrew and Kimberly are the husband and wife team behind HandmadeArtists.com and have an obsessive passion about creating and buying anything handmade.  Kimberly’s love of handmade was carefully and enthusiastically fostered by her Grandmother who believed fully in making due and making it yourself.  She taught Kimberly to sew, knit, crochet, cook, can, and do […]

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European Box Bracelet

Box Chain cropped

I thought and thought and thought and just could not devise an unique chain pattern of my own, so I sat down and made a European Box chain with 6 mm ID rings (hand cut from 18 gauge round copper wire).  The result is a 7 inch bracelet here displayed on a flocked hand. The […]

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Future Jewelry


In order to create my art, I first cut the stone that will go in the piece, then design around that.  Here are two stones cut in the lapidary in the past week.  The first is a piece of Lapis Lazuli about 2.5 inches long and it is very heavy.  Will probably use it in […]

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Handmaden Designs

handmaden designs

There is something very exciting, and at the same time, terrifying about following your passion.  Laura, AKA Narrina, AKA Handmaden Designs chose just this path and is steadily turning her passion into a successful business. Laura was born in Ireland where her parents were missionaries for 13 years.  This start probably fed her love of […]

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A Book Review of Chained By Rebeca Mojica


Well our long time friend and member of the forum Rebeca Mojica,  from Blue Buddha Boutique,  is now a published author of what I found to be a  great book about chainmaille. We were lucky enough to get an advanced copy of  “Chained” so that we can give it a once over and make sure […]

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