How much “handmade” does it really have to be to qualify?
hand dyed marino wool

This question arose for me when I looked at some of the handmade websites around the internet and was surprised what I found. Does it have to be at least 60%, 80% or 100% handmade to be called that? So the outcome would be that of a “handmade item of superior quality?” Hanging a purchased […]

Discover Handmade June 13

Discover Handmade June 13 Hello Everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade June 13. Thank you for joining me today….the Friday before Fathers Day! Let’s get started with todays discoveries here on If you would like to read more about the items below, please click on the title or the image. Falling Leaves Earrings by […]

What Are You Doing to Support Handmade?

While working on a quilt layout today, I was musing about handmade. I’m one of the fortunate ones who is busy with handmade. I’ve been waiting for time to work on this very quilt, and every time I think I’ve found it, a customer wants something special. Now is no different, and I’ll be juggling […]

Discover Handmade May 23

Discover Handmade May 23 where handmade is revealed Good morning friends and thank you for joining me for Discover Handmade May 23. Please welcome our featured artists: Zip-It Antiques, UnicornGladeDesigns, HunnyBunny, and TropicDecor. Let’s have a look at their creations. Metal Garden Plant Stake Green Frog Design PS 702 GR by TropicDecor This handcrafted and […]

Discover Handmade Gifts pt.2 for November 22

Welcome to Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 2 for November 22 Hi Everyone! Have you made your Christmas list yet? Are you almost finished shopping? Maybe you are having a difficult time finding that special gift? Discover Handmade Gifts part 2, may have what you are looking for. So, without further ado, lets have a look […]

Discover Handmade August 23

Welcome Everyone….It’s time to Discover Handmade….What interesting items did I find to share with you today? Hmmmm! A beautiful sea glass necklace, colorful stained glass bird, a stylish headband, some clever vinyl lettering, and a multi gemstone bracelet. So without further ado…..Let’s take a look at the items for this week. Blue Floral Pattern Button […]

Discover Handmade June 28

Good Morning Everyone! A charm bracelet, snack bag, masquerade mask, cabochon, and an art print are all featured on Discover Handmade for June 28. Handmade artists’ use their skills and imagination when designing their unique creations, which is evident by these artists: DaraGallery, FabFunky, Ramussengems, Uniqlets, and PineappleSpiceGirl from ┬áThe product titles, artist names, […]

Why Is Handmade Better?

Written By iKnitQuiltSew We all believe, or have had someone tell us, that handmade is better the manufactured. But why is that? Is handmade really better or is it an illusion or a myth? What is “Handmade?” For the purpose of this article, I’m defining handmade as something that is NOT made in a factory […]

Blue Buddha Boutique Giveaway Winner!!!

March 2013 Not only do crafters like to craft, they like to help other crafters craft. They even enjoy encouraging non-crafters to craft. They’re crafty like that. I consider myself pretty crafty but I’ve never tried my hand at chainmaille. I love it and marvel at it frequently but had never actually tried it until…I […]

Herb and Dorothy 2008

Filmmaker Megumi Sasaki’s-“Herb and Dorothy” 2008 An independent film review….. Meet The Vogel’s, an unassuming but inspiring couple who spent their lives obsessively and respectfully acquiring one of the most significant collections of contemporary art in New York City beginning in the 1960’s. Herbert and Dorothy Vogel began their relationship as wannabe artists living in […]


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