Meet Liz of “LOVEwhatIdo”
Pink Macrame Handmade Bracelet

Liz of LOVEwhatIdo is a wife and mother of 2 wonderful girls and has her shop right here on She has always loved being creative and passed that gene to her Children. Macrame bracelets came across as a fun project with her youngest child and she, Mom, has been hooked ever since! Look at […]

On Fire Shout Outs Beads Bows and Gems

On Fire Shout Out Beads Bows and Gems creations from these 3 shops in this weeks On fire for Handmade Shout Outs! You will find beautiful creations by beautiful people! Be sure to stop by their shops to see for yourself!             A Bead Thing is filled with beautiful jewelry […]

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u here on
handmade bracelet

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u, right here on HandmadeArtists. A fine Jewelry store here on She recently gave up a consignment shop and now has all the time in the world to be creative and with HandmadeArtists. We love her here. I love her work so much, just look at this, I am swooning over […]

Happy Birthday Buddha!

This is the holiest of Buddhist holy days, celebrating the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death, or attaining of Nirvana. What better way to celebrate a figure who inspired so many to change their thinking than with some amazing handmade treasures from the talented hands and minds of our own HandmadeArtists. SRA Relic Handmade Lampwork Buddha […]

4 Reasons You Should Go to Gem and Bead Shows
Passion Rose

Here are 4 Reasons You Should Go to Gem and Bead Shows, Even if You Don’t Make Jewelry! If you don’t attend a bead show this season, you could be shortchanging yourself and your business. Even if your craft has nothing to do with beads or gemstones, ideally, you should visit a major show but […]

Memories of Christmas Past-Part 3

I hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous holiday season. As previously described in my postings, “Memories of Christmas Past-Part 1“, and Memories of Christmas Past -Part 2, the holidays are a wonderful time to make memories with friends and family. While decorating each year I think about the time and creativity that my mother […]

2012 is Dead…… Long Live 2013….,, and Your Money!
Handmade Necklace

Ok……….. so it’s no great secret to those that know me or have read articles about me in various places, but I was, in my previous life in London, a self taught financial accountant. I worked for many years in the advertising industry and ran multi-million $ accounts. Yes, it was stressful and looking back, […]

Featured Artist Pam of A Bead Thing

“If you have a teensy bit of creativity in you that wants to come out, open the valve and let it out.” A perfect quote for anyone that would love to tap into their creativity but just doesn’t know where to start from Pam who is a feisty grandmother that loves to create! Pam is […]

Featured Artist HrtsMom

There is something so special about belonging to a creative family! Everyone appreciating work that goes into handmade and encouraging a child to explore can truly lead to great things. Trina was blessed to be born into just such a family; with a mother who had a side business of decorating cakes as well as […]

Amazing FHFteam Giveaway

Hi there, my name is Jolene Wolfe and I am a lampwork bead maker. I have been a member of, a UK based lampworking forum since 2007 and in 2009 I started a forum based Etsy Street Team called FHFteam . Each month we have a prize giveaway on our team blog and this month it […]


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