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Meet Liz of “LOVEwhatIdo”

Liz of LOVEwhatIdo is a wife and mother of 2 wonderful girls and has her shop right here on HandemadeArtists.com. She has always loved being creative and passed that gene to her Children. Macrame bracelets came across as a fun project with her youngest child and she, Mom, has been hooked ever since!
Look at this beauty, I am a sucker for pink, it’s true….
Handmade Leather bracelet
She enjoys starting one and is even more excited to see the finished product. Her overall happiness comes from seeing others, who love wearing them. Isn’t that sweet, yes it’s true, as a handmade Artists, we love it when others love our wares. It’s a fabulous high to float on. So go on, visit LOVEwhatIdo ! 
I know, I know…more pink, I cant help it…….
handmade marcrame bracelet
Liz states further, I LOVE making macramé bracelets! She enjoys the unique look from the beautiful beads to the variety of colors in the cord. Making knots and finding the right kind of glass beads for each piece is time worth spent to her.
Beautiful, rich Green on leather….see there is something for everyone….
handmade leather bracelet
She truly find’s peace and happiness in her work and the knowledge that others love them so much. Liz also makes wrap bracelets and loves the idea of coming up with a notion to mix the two of them together.
Something for the Guy in your life…..

handmade mens bracelet

All her bracelets are handmade in a smoke-free home.  
And here is the kicker, Liz offers “Free shipping to US residents” Now how  in the world can you beat that offer….Come on, go shopping….
You can find Liz here:
Written with quotes from her shop description/profile by Monika of Myeuropeantouch

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