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What’s Old is New Again: Reworking an Unsold Item

I know for certain that I am not alone when I admit that I have perfectly good items in my shop that have been there forever and remain unsold. There are other sites that will try to convince you that it isn’t sold simply because it’s not near the top of the list anymore; renew […]

Be Remembered For Your Beautiful Work, Not Your Horrible Picture!
Preemie Black White Front

It’s been said over and over again that photos are SO important in online sales. Hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of pieces have been written telling you how to take decent photos, yet the problem persists, and people still wonder why their beautiful work goes unsold. Rather than write on lighting and F-stops, I’ve compiled an array […]

Art Show Success: Tips to Help Make Your Show a Winner
Zeeta Body

There actually are hand-crafters who make their living doing art festivals and shows year-round. Then there are others who do a combination of online/in-person. Whether shows generate all or part of sales is up to each individual artist/crafter. But there are lots of them that make shows work, even under the most horrible conditions….rain, poor […]

Discover Handmade August 22
Discover Handmade August 22

Good Morning Friends! Welcome to Discover Handmade August 22, where handmade is revealed. Today’s featured products are: Citrine Sterling Silver Earrings, Personalized Mommy Bracelet, Scottish Thistle Turbo Spurtle, and Tree of Life Malachite Necklace. So without further ado, lets have a closer look at these terrific handmade items! Citrine Earrings Sterling Silver November Birthstone […]

Discover Handmade July 4
Discover Handmade July 4

Discover Handmade July 4 Hello Everyone on this fine Friday morning…..It’s time to Discover Handmade July 4 , right here on Today I have 5 special handmade items to share with you, all of which are made by artists that currently have a online shop here at You won’t find mass produced items […]

Discover Handmade June 27

Discover Handmade June 27 Good morning everyone and welcome to Jun 27 Discover Handmade from Looking for a special gift? Love to support handmade artists? Searching for that unique frog for the backyard? is the place to shop for all your handmade needs. So lets get started and Discover Handmade!   Throw Pillow […]

Discover Handmade June 13
Discover Handmade June 13

Discover Handmade June 13 Hello Everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade June 13. Thank you for joining me today….the Friday before Fathers Day! Let’s get started with todays discoveries here on If you would like to read more about the items below, please click on the title or the image. Falling Leaves Earrings by […]

What Are You Doing to Support Handmade?

While working on a quilt layout today, I was musing about handmade. I’m one of the fortunate ones who is busy with handmade. I’ve been waiting for time to work on this very quilt, and every time I think I’ve found it, a customer wants something special. Now is no different, and I’ll be juggling […]

Discover Handmade 1st Anniversary
Love Hand Made

Hi Friends….Welcome to Discover Handmade 1st Anniversary. Hard to believe its been one year since the first ‘Discover Handmade’ was posted…..May 3, 2013 right here on Handmade Artists Blog. It has been a so much fun searching through hundreds of handmade shops looking for products to share each week. Not to mention, I have finally […]

Discover Handmade December 27

Welcome to Discover Handmade Hello Friends…..This being the last Discover Handmade for 2013, I thought I would share all of the Discover Handmade articles from the past 8 months; one more time. So here they are….Let’s have a big round of applause for everyone…..You can read more about each post by clicking this link > […]


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