Discover Handmade December 27

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Hello Friends…..This being the last Discover Handmade for 2013, I thought I would share all of the Discover Handmade articles from the past 8 months; one more time. So here they are….Let’s have a big round of applause for everyone…..You can read more about each post by clicking this link > Discover Handmade

Discover Handmade December 27

I would like to thank Andrew and Kimberly for creating an amazing website (Handmade Artists) and their continued support to help all handmade artists succeed.  And thanks to all those who showed their support for Discover Handmade… I appreciate all of the comments.

I look forward to searching and sharing new exciting discoveries with you in 2014. Please join me as I raise my glass (of apple cider) to welcome the New Year… here’s to health, happiness and prosperity for all in 2014!

Happy New Year!

Cari (crochethooked)

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