September Is National Sewing Month

President Ronald Reagan first declared September as National Sewing Month in 1982. For those who love to sew in one form or another this makes September one of our favorite months. There are so many different ways to express our creativity. Whether you sew by hand or with a machine, there is nothing like watching […]

Stupid Laws – Alabama
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All around the country you could be breaking the law and not even know it! The funniest part? Lawmakers had to sit down, write up the law, and get it passed at some point! In honor of these nutty ordinances, I present to you some handmade treasures inspired by Ice Cream to highlight Alabama’s law […]

Blue Roses Design

Hi, I’m Vincenza, 53 years old, mom to three really cool people, and grandma to two awesome little people. I’ve been married to the love of my life for almost 30 years, and our life has been one big adventure. My husband, a disabled combat vet, served in the 82ndAirborne for 11 years and we […]

Discover Handmade June 13
Discover Handmade June 13

Discover Handmade June 13 Hello Everyone and welcome to Discover Handmade June 13. Thank you for joining me today….the Friday before Fathers Day! Let’s get started with todays discoveries here on HandmadeArtists.com. If you would like to read more about the items below, please click on the title or the image. Falling Leaves Earrings by […]

International Polar Bear Day
quilled art

Since, at least here in the North East, it looks like winter will NEVER end, I thought rather than fight it we will just embrace the cold and celebrate International Polar Bear Day! On this day you could check out some adorable pictures of fluffy white cubs frolicking in the snow or maybe join a […]

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u here on Handmadeartists.com
handmade bracelet

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u, right here on HandmadeArtists. A fine Jewelry store here on Handmadeartists.com. She recently gave up a consignment shop and now has all the time in the world to be creative and with HandmadeArtists. We love her here. I love her work so much, just look at this, I am swooning over […]

Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 December 13
discover handmade

Welcome to Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 Hello Everybody…Ready sing…’On the 12th day of Christmas my true….’lol It’s time for Discover Handmade Gifts pt. 5 from Handmade Artists Shop for December 13, 2013. Here we are with only 12 days until Christmas and I’ve yet to start my shopping. ;o) How about you, have you […]

Discover Handmade October 11
Discover Handmade October 11

Welcome to Discover Handmade October 11 Hello Everybody! Thank you for joining me this fine October morning for another edition of Discover Handmade. As the Holidays are approaching (to fast if you ask me), handmade artists are busy creating unique products for the home, office, and backyard. Fun and sparkling products for your fur faced, […]

Discover Handmade July 12

Happy Friday Everyone! Do you know where you can find a Hopi Gourd Bowl, a China Mosaic Tray, a Purple Rose Eyeglass Holder, a pair of Mismatched Chic Earrings, or a Travel Diaper Clutch? Of course you do…. This is Discover Handmade for July 12. You can find all of the items mentioned above and […]

Featured Artist Jean of SamiSeaGlass

Everyone enters the handmade market place through a different path. Jean claims that if you had told her years earlier that she would become part of the handmade market she would have never believed you. Just goes to show that you never know where your path will lead you! Jean is a RN working at […]


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