Happy international Picnic Day, June 18th


Every Year June 18-Happy International Picnic Day History: International Picnic Day celebrates the gathering together outdoors to eat and enjoy one another’s company-The Picnic. The true origin of International Picnic Day is unknown, but can be traced back to the end of the French Revolution and the Victorian Era. A nice quilt to sit down […]

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I like to introduce MsMartyD and her shop today

handmade eye glass case

Meet MsMartyD, she says of herself, “I am a gramma and I enjoy making things for my grand people”. I would add, that she offers all the same items right here in her shop MsMartyD on Handmadartists for everyone. (smile) So browse around….. Here is a wonderful Tote bag in neutral colors, I love it….. […]

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Handmade Tote Bag Tutorial


To make this quick and easy shopping bag you’ll need two 40″ x 20″ pieces of different fabric: one for the outer bag and one for the lining. Draw the pattern on a large piece of paper and cut out. Cut two pieces on fold from each fabric. Pin pieces for the outer bag right […]

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What Can A Piece of Fabric Tell You?

handmade quilt tropical

For those of you who are seasoned seamstresses, this will bore you to tears. But for many, I’m hoping this will give you new information. Anyone who sews has visited a fabric shop or a fabric department of a large store. The myriad of yardage on the bolts is so colorful and enticing. The label […]

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Creating a Log Cabin Quilt Block


A log cabin quilt goes back ages and ages. I don’t know who invented it or originally designed it, but it was probably someone looking to use up bits and pieces of material. Surprisingly, making a log cabin quilt block is simple IF you can cut and sew straight! It’s also a great way to […]

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Technology Changing the Face of Handmade


As I have aged I have had the privilege to see many advances in technology. Astronautics from the orbit of Sputnik, the landing on the moon to space stations and shuttles and recently the Mar’s rover. At the same time, slide rules giving way to calculators to personal computers. Data input changes, punch cards to […]

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Featured Artist Jilly Beans


Sometimes our love of creating get pushed to the wayside by life as I am sure most creative souls can understand just as Jill can. A mother of 4 and grandmother of 6, her husband gave her a sewing machine for a wedding present 35 years ago and with it she used to sew for […]

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Featured Artist Presents Frans Homemade Wonders

Handmade cake topper cow

Every so often you will run into a person that inspires you beyond words, no, not because of their world renowned talent but because of the strength that they have in themselves. Fran, of Fran’s Handmade Wonders is just such a lady. Fran was always a creative soul, learning to crochet from her Grandmother at […]

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knit quilt sew

My name is Sandi Levy; they tell me I am a fiber artist. I have a very difficult time owning that term. Although I understand that what I do takes a modicum of creative ability, I have trouble with the “artist” part of the phrase. Perhaps ‘fiber obsessive’ would work better!   My mediums are […]

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Featured Artist Cre8urname

Double heart throw pillow

What gets your heart racing? For Julie it is a pile of fabric in different colors, textures, and prints that get her excited to create! A mother of two grown children and of a ridiculously spoiled cat and dog began sewing out of necessity. Julie was about 13 years old and needed a softball uniform, […]

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