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Customer Service Is Still So Important!
Customer Service 2

It’s a hurry up world. Things move so fast that many of the “little things” that ultimately mean so much have been lost in the shuffle. One of those little things that’s gone by the wayside is great customer service. I think you should visit cccf once and get tips on how to attract large customer. […]

It’s Just a Word!

Because of US Government regulations, my creations must all be labeled to include specific information. One of these pieces of information is location of manufacture. Most of you know that I recently moved and changed states in the process. Ever since I started doing this, my labels have simply included my zip code which satisfied […]

Can Search Engines Find Your Item Title?
Hand-Knit Yellow Headband

You have a lot of time, planning, patience and creativity in that wonderful piece. First, you created it to perfection. Then you took a myriad of pictures of it to capture it at just the right angle in just the right light to make it look its best to prospective buyers. Now it’s time to […]

What’s Old is New Again: Reworking an Unsold Item

I know for certain that I am not alone when I admit that I have perfectly good items in my shop that have been there forever and remain unsold. There are other sites that will try to convince you that it isn’t sold simply because it’s not near the top of the list anymore; renew […]

Marketing 101: Tips for Your Small Business Promotion

We artsy-crafty people do not love marketing. But it’s a necessary evil of having your own small business. It needs to be done well and often, and most of us are not good at it. The fact that we don’t necessarily enjoy it just makes it that much more difficult. But there are many lessons […]

Be Remembered For Your Beautiful Work, Not Your Horrible Picture!
Preemie Black White Front

It’s been said over and over again that photos are SO important in online sales. Hundreds, perhaps THOUSANDS of pieces have been written telling you how to take decent photos, yet the problem persists, and people still wonder why their beautiful work goes unsold. Rather than write on lighting and F-stops, I’ve compiled an array […]

Does Your Online Shop Look Like a “Real” Shop? Inspiring Confidence in Web Shoppers
Shop Here

People all over the world shop online. They are looking for quality, value, something a bit unusual, a combination of all of these things, or something else entirely. The miracle comes when this total stranger manages to find your shop. When that happens, do they immediately think it’s a real store-some place they can confidently […]

In the Arts and Handmade World, How Often Should You Re-invent Yourself?
Headband Navy Tweed Right

You’re an artist or craftsman, and you are also a business. You’ve been doing this a while, and each year, you show some financial growth. You’ve found a niche that is supporting activities you love to do. Re-inventing yourself is not something that’s on your list, let alone near the top…. it isn’t broken; why […]

Quilt or Comforter? What’s the Difference and Who Cares?
Fish Quilt

Quilt or Comforter? Comforter or Quilt? Is there a difference and if there is, why should I care? Both items are typically bedding. They both keep you warm and cozy. They both have several layers to them. What’s the big deal? There is a Difference Even though the function of a quilt and a comforter […]

And Yet Another Word About Photos
handmade doll

I’ve had a run on miniature rag dolls lately, and that’s a good thing! So I’ve been making them non-stop, and they keep leaving. A few days ago, I listed one with blonde hair, green eyes, and a pink gingham dress. The photos I took turned out terrific, I thought…..the doll is clear and crisp, […]


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