And Yet Another Word About Photos

I’ve had a run on miniature rag dolls lately, and that’s a good thing! So I’ve been making them non-stop, and they keep leaving. A few days ago, I listed one with blonde hair, green eyes, and a pink gingham dress. The photos I took turned out terrific, I thought…..the doll is clear and crisp, exposure is good, item is centered. And I listed it.
Camden escorts

Rag Doll

Miniature Handmade Rag Doll in Pink

One of the photos I always take with my miniature rag dolls is on the doll in my left hand.  It’s a terrific way to give online customers and idea of the size of the doll, even though they are not sure how big (or small) my hand is.  After I list things, I have a habit of going back a day or two later and re-reading the description to catch overlooked typos, check that all the photos are still there and see how many views the item has had.  On this particular item, when I looked at it a couple of days later, all I could see is that I need a manicure!

We are all so careful about photos, because we all know how important they are.  But this is just a reminder that the entire photo needs to be perfect – not just the item for sale.

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