HIppie Beads or “What I did this Summer”
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Hippie Beads When I was a child during the sixties, everyone was into love beads. The ‘hippies’ wore strings of them around their necks, woven through their hair, sewn onto their clothes. They were tiny little seed beads that came in a riot of colors and I adored them. Back then they came in these […]

Meet Pam of ABEADTHING, her store right here on

Meet Pam of a abeadthing,her store on I could not reach Pam but I am absolutely sure that she has nothing against being featured here today. Pam is such a versatile Artists and showcases many, many different items in her shop but also states: Handcrafted jewelry is my passion. Choose handcrafted bracelets, rings, necklaces […]

Featured Artist Pam of A Bead Thing

“If you have a teensy bit of creativity in you that wants to come out, open the valve and let it out.” A perfect quote for anyone that would love to tap into their creativity but just doesn’t know where to start from Pam who is a feisty grandmother that loves to create! Pam is […]

Beading Excellence

4 His Glory Creations by CJ Some people talk about creativity and passion, while others live it! Such is so true about CJ Bauschka who is the sole caregiver of her mother as well as wife and mother of eight children as well as Grammy to four grandchildren! She is passionate about her family and […]

Why I Knot Between the Beads

Knotting between the beads is important for a variety of reasons. Bead stringing, properly speaking, is a form of rigging. Where a knot is placed, it strengthens the cord three-fold. Consequently, if cord with a tensile strength of 17lbs. The cord is strengthened to 51lbs.10lb-test becomes 30lbs, etc. Thus, it secures the beads. This is […]

Myriad Design

I am new to Handmade Artists Shop and the Forum blog.   So I though I would give all of  you  a short blog to start off by, providing my links to where I sell and what forums I belong to: Handmade Artists’ Shop: Etsy: Blogspot: Facebook:!/pages/Myriad_Design-Artisan-Crafted-Jewelry-and-more/211888015504463 Artisan Jewelry Designers: Twitter: […]

Bead Weaving by Hanny Beads

Over the top? Or just right, I guess it depends on the person. All I know is that Hanny Beads makes some amazing pieces of art in the forum of jewelry for the most part. Hailing for the Czech Republic of Chornice and a mother of 4 this jewelry artist does not mess around. Her […]

Gifts from Gifted Hands

Have you ever considered using custom stone coasters as wedding favors or gift? this is often a very unique concept is certain to please even the foremost discerning guest. You’ll use these custom stone coasters to function place cards for the table settings and therefore the guests will really enjoy checking out their names on the tables. […]

Follow your Desires

There are full time artists in the world…and then there are the rest of us!  Desirable Intentions is one such multi-tasker.  She and her husband actually lay floors as their “day job,” but her real passion lies in jewelry. She experimented with many things; cake decorating, refinishing furniture, cross stitch; before stumbling upon the joy […]

Buddingcreations on Etsy

Hi, My name is Danielle . I have been a bead artist since I was 18 years old (6 years). I found my passion for beaded flowers when i came across someone selling them on ebay and I had to know more. So, I did alot of research and bought alot of books to show me […]


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