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Meet Sandi from iKnitQuiltSew here on Handmadeartists.com

crochet baby boots

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Sandi today, the owner ofiKnitQuiltSew. She offers boutique quality Sewing, Knitting and Crochet for mom and baby at affordable prices. She specializes in baby art quilts (handmade and hand quilted), handmade rag dolls, teddy bears and baby/ ladies knits. All her items are designed and crafted […]

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Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u here on Handmadeartists.com

handmade bracelet

Meet Teresa of T.rusk4u, right here on HandmadeArtists. A fine Jewelry store here on Handmadeartists.com. She recently gave up a consignment shop and now has all the time in the world to be creative and with HandmadeArtists. We love her here. I love her work so much, just look at this, I am swooning over […]

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Featured Artist Kim of The Whimsical Jar

Whimsical Jar

Do you ever get a bit of a pang of regret when one of your pieces sells? If so, you have a kindred spirit with Kim of The Whimsical Jar! Kim spent her career as a Technology Coordinator for an Arkansas school district, raising children and caring for elderly parents; but has recently retired for […]

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OnFire Shout Out for My European Touch

Mosaic Frame

Jeweled Picture Frame This Jeweled Picture Frame started out in my imagination, with vintage broken rhinestone Jewelry, cameos, pearls, clay roses, other bling. Every little pearl is laid by hand, every item placed just so it will fit just right. Measurements: Approx 8×9 inches, fits Photo 4×6 inches.It can stand vertically or Horizontal My European […]

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Discover Handmade June 14


Good morning friends! Welcome to Discover Handmade June 14! Did you know the ‘Rose’ represents the month of June? Hmmm….. Do I have a few rosy treats for you today from BeadWizzard, PatchworkMountain, WoodstockNYC, and FabricOfMyMind. These terrific artists sell their amazing handmade products, right here at HandmadeArtists.com. It was tough choosing only one item […]

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Featured Artist Tress of Rozies Pearls


Tress and Randy are dreaming big! In fact, every time this husband and wife team sells one of their darling pieces, Randy asks if he can retire now! Love this! Maybe not now, but Tess knows that one day she will be able to turn to him and say “Yes, you can retire now.” Tress […]

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Bethie’s Cards Highlight Challenge Winner

animal cards

Highlight Challenge Winner Bethie’s Cards is our On Fire for Handmade Highlight Challenge Winner from last weeks Some Like it Hot Challenge! Beth has a wonderful card shop here on Handmade Artists! Darling creations for all occasions! Bethie’s Cards was started in Feb. of 2012. In the beginning, I concentrated on butterflies, so almost all […]

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Winner of On Fire – Highlight Challenge

teapot pin cushion

Highlight Challenge Winner My European Touch The winner of our first On Fire Highlight Challenge is Monika of My European Touch! Her Entry came in with 425 views! You can see her winning challenge on the On Fire for Handmade site HERE Meet Monika: Have been crafting ever since I was a little girl! Monika […]

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Featured Artist Sue of Tomie Harlene


What does a young girl from rather humble beginnings and a subscription to Seventeen magazine do? Learn to sew of course! This young lady wanted the high fashion that she saw on the glossy pages of the magazine, but finances being what they were, was unable to afford such luxury. Her solution was to use […]

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Featured Artist Handmade Creations by Shelly


We all learn in different ways. Some are self taught through books and online while others are intentionally taught and still other learn by watching, which is exactly how Shelly got her start. She stood behind her grandmothers as they knitted and crochet and watched their fingers fly. Little did she know that years later, […]

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