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handmade leather moccasinsBecause ItsBetterHandmade and HandmadeArtists is a husband and wife team, finding other couples that live a life of art together touches my heart! Not to say that there are not ups and downs of being a couple and business partners, but when you find a couple that makes it work, such as Debbie and John, you know that you are in the presence of something special.

Debbie was always a creative soul that spent years creating with this and that until she found beads.  The colors and possibilities got her heart racing; starting out with small earrings and barettes before moving on to more complicated beading designs.  For quite some time, lucky friends and family would receive beautiful gifts of beaded creations.

When she is not creating, Debbie loves to be outdoors in her little corner of the world with her daughter and four beautiful Grandchildren.  She loves to work in her gardens in Arizona, collecting her own seeds and watching the birds in one of two birdbaths made from old hot water heaters (I told you they were creative)!  In addition, there are always business tasks to take care of such as shipping, promoting, and blogging about her work or other artists.

handmade beaded cross body leather bagAfter taking some time to learn the basics and beyond of beading, Debbie discovered the beautiful combination of beads and leather.  This is where her darling husband John joined in the fun.  He has become an expert at leather work, and creates the amazing array of bags, moccasins and clutches that grace their shop.  Over the years, the dynamic duo has had their own stores, done art fairs, shown in galleries and sold their creations all around the world.  At this point in their lives, Debbie and John have decided that online selling is where they would like to concentrate their efforts.

Working online gives Debbie and John a unique niche in custom work.  Customers can create and customize their designs and then have it brought to life by Debbie and John.  Even stock pieces are never quite the same since each and every piece of leather is unique and will always come out as a one of a kind piece of art.

white leather fringed bagDebbie is generous with her advice to new sellers looking to market their own handmade treasures online.  She encourages them to find what they are good at and pursue it; letting your art teach you.  New artists should understand that there will be good and bad days but that is not just art but all around your life.  You need to be patient with yourself and let the art flow….on top of that, there is nothing quite like being your own boss!

Are you ready to see what this husband and wife team can create together?  You can find Thunder Rose Leather on HandmadeArtists, as well as on Etsy, Zibbet and their own Website.  You can follow their activities on their Blog and on Facebook!

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