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Discover Handmade September 13


Welcome to Discover Handmade Good Morning Friends! There are so many terrific handmade products to discover…..here at Handmade Artists. Everyone is busy doing what they do best……being creative! Everyday I see new shops opening with interesting handcrafted merchandise, which I look forward to sharing with you in the up coming months. Exciting Times!  However… I […]

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Featured Artist Marci of MarphilHearts


Art is so many things to so many people. For some it is a joy of creating something beautiful for no other reason, for others it is a distraction from life’s stresses and for others still it was a way to change their thinking as was the case for Marci. Marci grew up with an […]

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European Box Bracelet

Box Chain cropped

I thought and thought and thought and just could not devise an unique chain pattern of my own, so I sat down and made a European Box chain with 6 mm ID rings (hand cut from 18 gauge round copper wire).  The result is a 7 inch bracelet here displayed on a flocked hand. The […]

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Celebrate the Equinox

Sterling Silver Pendant

The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred and the fall season has officially begun. With the advent of this season my creative muse has taken on a new vigor. Starting with the original form of silver smithing — wire wrapping, I made a pendant with a cobalt colored druzy agate in the center of the wire […]

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Myriad Design

Myriad Design

I am new to Handmade Artists Shop and the Forum blog.   So I though I would give all of  you  a short blog to start off by, providing my links to where I sell and what forums I belong to: Handmade Artists’ Shop:  http://handmadeartists.com/shop/MyriadDesign Etsy:http://www.etsy.com/people/Myriaddesignjewelry?ref=si_pr Blogspot: http://myriaddesignblog.blogspot.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Myriad_Design-Artisan-Crafted-Jewelry-and-more/211888015504463 Artisan Jewelry Designers: http://artisanjewelrydesigners.ning.com/profile/LindaEkblad Twitter: […]

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The Road Less Traveled with Gravel Road Jewelry


There is so much jewelry on the market that it can be difficult to find that unique piece…until now!  ErikaLyn, founder and creative power behind Gravel Road Jewelry and self taught jewelry artist, has created a line of sterling silver jewelry that will definitely get you noticed. Gravel Road Jewelry combine the beauty of sterling […]

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Let the Stones do the Talking

All in Vein is a handmade Lapidary jewelry artist, that specialize in Custom Hand-cut All Natural Gem Stones and Handmade Custom Jewelry. Their work is just jaw dropping to say the least. Hailing from Arizona there stones are well traveled though, here is a quote from their site “We sell all natural stone in sterling […]

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Featured Artist – Jewelry By Judy


What kind of things do you create and what lead you to do so? I have a very wide interest in the visual arts. I have a degree in psychology with a minor in visual arts and for the past couple of years I have been making jewelry. I recently decided to spend more time […]

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Featured Artist – Lasuz Creations

  I’m Laura, based in Toronto, Canada. I’ve been creating and selling jewelry for a few years, ever since a friend taught me the basics. I threw myself whole-heartedly into the venture and get quite a thrill when someone admires an item that I have created. I love to travel and get inspiration for my […]

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Featured Artist – Hoshikaze


  I’m Claire Goverts and I’ve been doing various arts and crafts as long as I can remember. I started beading back in middle school, working primarily with seed beads I even had a bead loom. When I went away to college I didn’t do any beading, I did mostly graphic art at that point […]

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