Celebrate the Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox has just occurred and the fall season has officially begun. With the advent of this season my creative muse has taken on a new vigor. Starting with the original form of silver smithing — wire wrapping, I made a pendant with a cobalt colored druzy agate in the center of the wire frame.

Cobalt Druzy Pendant
In another working idea, I took some 20 gauge square half hard copper wire and wound it on a 3 mm mandrel to make jump rings. These were cut from the mandrel with a jeweler’s saw, then put together to make the chain for this necklace. A dichroic glass pendant that accents the copper color in the chain hangs along the necklace.
Copper Chain Necklace
Please excuse the quality of my photographs. I enjoyed making these pieces, and am continuing in my creation of custom work.


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