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Lovely Handmade JewelryArt is so many things to so many people. For some it is a joy of creating something beautiful for no other reason, for others it is a distraction from life’s stresses and for others still it was a way to change their thinking as was the case for Marci.

Marci grew up with an artist for a mother who could sew, draw, paint, crochet and decorate cakes and always encouraged Marci to express herself through art.  While she enjoyed the creative process, Marci never really thought of it as anything other than fun for quite some time.

Heart EarringsFast forward a bit, Marci married and had two wonderful children whom she home schools.  She is the music director and pianist for her church as well as a certified sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired.  With all this going on, Marci found herself faced with a debilitating illness and falling into depression.  Never one to take things lying down, Marci took a local jewelry class and discovered both wire and her new passion!  She found that with wire she could bend, twist, curl and more and create one of a kind treasures.

Handmade Wire Wrap JewelryMarci was not happy with the limited amount she had learned in class, so she began seeking out lessons and tutorials on the internet.  She continued to practice and rework designs until she had created a look of her own.  Soon, a local shop took notice and asked her to sell her jewelry with them.  She happily took them up on their offer and began creating more inventory.  After a time, the shop closed down and Marci was left with a lot of inventory…the solution?  MarphilHearts was born!

Marci puts her heart and soul into each and every creation and sometimes has a hard time parting with her hard work when it sells.  At the same time, she loves the feeling of knowing that someone loves her work enough to buy it and wear it!  Marci says that when her pieces sell it validates her as an artist.  In addition to her ready to wear pieces, Marci has created a line of tutorials for her jewelry creations so that the do it yourselfers out there can make their own pieces.

Handmade Spiral PendantAs others join the adventure of selling handmade work, Marci encourages them to put themselves out there for all to see.  You will never know what will come of it if you don’t give it a shot.

Are you ready to see what this talented, homeschooling mom can create with nothing more than wire and her passion?  Well, MarphilHearts is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on Facebook.  You can check out her tutorials on JewelryLessons.com  and maybe give some of her amazing designs a shot for yourself!  You never know, you might just find your own passion for wire.

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