Customer Service Is Still So Important!

Customer ServiceIt’s a hurry up world. Things move so fast that many of the “little things” that ultimately mean so much have been lost in the shuffle. One of those little things that’s gone by the wayside is great customer service.

Whether it is in-person or online, we all get to pick out what we want and pay for it. But where’s the smile or the thank you? I’m not talking about that automated email confirmation of the purchase or the reflexive ‘thank you’ and smile you get from the clerk.  I’m talking about the genuine interest in the shopper and their likes and needs.

You would think it would be tough online to give that shopper the personal touch that is missing.  It’s not too hard if you just stop and think about it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your twelfth sale of the day or your only sale of the month.  How happy are you about it?  A personal note in addition to that automated email goes a really long way. Let your customer know that they just made your day!  That customer will realize they are dealing with a person and not just another computer system.  Because of that, the shopper who is also a person, will seek you out again, and with invoice tools you can send it in the shipment for a good service.

Customer Service 2

It also doesn’t hurt at all to enclose another short thank you note with the shipment, and hand-written is best!  It just confirms that you really ARE a real, live person who appreciates the business.  A little freebie is an added nice touch, too.

The bottom line is that you want that customer to shop with you again, and the person on the buying end of this transaction will remember the little things when they go shopping in the future.

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