Does Your Online Shop Look Like a “Real” Shop? Inspiring Confidence in Web Shoppers

People all over the world shop online. They are looking for quality, value, something a bit unusual, a combination of all of these things, or something else entirely. The miracle comes when this total stranger manages to find your shop. When that happens, do they immediately think it’s a real store-some place they can confidently spend their money?  Or do they instantly click the “back” button and go somewhere else?

First Impressions Will Make or Break the Sale


If a shopper happens to find you while doing a random search – HOORAY!  But if they land on your page only to find an empty or incomplete shop, they’ll be gone in record time.  Compare the two shops in the photo above. The one on the left looks like a real business, one which has been following the very successful amazon affiliate marketing. The shop owner took the time to create a banner and avatar, and list lots of items.  The pictures are beautiful and clear.  Even without reading the descriptions, you instantly have a rough idea of what you’re looking at.  It’s enough to make you want to click around in the shop.  And perhaps the shopper finds something they might like to buy…  what are the shop’s policies?  What if I’m not happy?  What’s the guarantee?

Your Shop Policies Should Be the First Thing You Complete – Not an Afterthought!Policies

Your policies do NOT have to look like they were written by an attorney!  But they do need to express in clear terms what your policies are.  All of the policies in the shop on the left are completed with incredible brevity.  But a shopper reading them would have no questions about exactly what this shopkeeper’s policies are.  Perhaps you would like to know a bit more about this artist…

Your Bio or Profile Makes You Seem Like  A Real Person in a Virtual World!Bio

Notice that the shop on the right has a brief but informative blurb about the artist.  The thumbnails give insight into the tastes of this crafter.  Since this person took the time to offer the shopper some information about who they are and how they do business, the shopper becomes more comfortable parting with their money for one of this artisan’s pieces.


You work so hard on your creations.  You need to work just as hard on your online presence so that your beautiful work can find its way into the hands of a consumer who will love that piece forever.




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