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Leap of Faith – Inspiring Consumer Confidence

Recently, we had an issue with one of our vehicles. A couple of the gauges in our truck stopped working – they were always pegged. The dealer quoted $900 for the repair. So onto the internet we go. We found a listing for people called The Gauge Guy who would complete the repair and convert […]

Site Help Videos: Shipping Profiles
Shipping Profiles Video

This video discusses what shipping profiles are, how to set them up and when to use them in your online shop at Shipping profiles are an integral part of every listing, so it’s important to understand what they do and how they work. I hope this video clarifies this step of shop setup and […]

Who do you blame for slow sales?
handamde cuff

Your Venue? Resellers? Large collectives? Bad economy? Any and all of the above can and will have an impact on our sales. And since they are out of our personal control, what do you think is the best way to rise above all or any one of them? Lately, I’ve seen so many online discussions […]

Shop SetUp Video: Your Avatar

Many people set up their shop on, but don’t set up everything. It’s so exciting to have a new shop… you – like everyone else – can’t wait to get items listed for sale and watch those profits role in. One of the things often neglected is your shop Avatar, or logo. This little […]

Shop Setup Video: Your Title, Banner and Description
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This Shop SetUp Video will discuss what your Shop Title, Shop Banner, and Shop Description or Announcement is and why these things are important. It will also show you, step-by-step, how to set them up in your web site shop. My first informational video for discussed the site in general and the front […]

You’ve Got to Have a Blog!

When you start out selling online, all the ‘experts’ on online success say, “You’ve got to have a blog!” So when I started, I also created a blog, though I didn’t know why. There have been times in various online venues when I’ve asked the question, “Why do I need a blog?” I’ve yet to […]

Contributor Terri Belford

Terri has been self employed for over 30 years in home furnishings, fine arts, healing arts and contemporary crafts fields.  She started her first business, an ad agency,  in her 20s . She’s been all sides of the handmade business from exhibiting artist to artists’ agent/representative to gallery owner. Since selling her gallery of contemporary […]


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