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green sea glass earrings turtlesEveryone enters the handmade market place through a different path. Jean claims that if you had told her years earlier that she would become part of the handmade market she would have never believed you. Just goes to show that you never know where your path will lead you!

Jean is a RN working at Brigham and Women’s in Boston, Massachusetts and loves to spend time with her darling husband of 30 plus years and her Husky, Max who helps to keep her in shape!  Her grown children are avid travelers which led Jean on a path to Sea Glass artistry!

Jean’s daughter was in college and had taken a trip to Puerto Rico where she picked up some amazing sea glass.  While Jean had always enjoyed crafting she didn’t find her passion until she began working with these amazing pieces of glass.  After some trial and error, SamiSeaglass was born; named after the daughter who introduced her to these amazing gems of nature; and a passion was found.

blue sea glass handmade pendantThese amazing treasures are getting harder and harder to find, but Jean insists on only using surf tumbled glass in her work, never machine or manmade.  Fact is, more and more people collect it and the use of plastic and recycling rather than dumping means less glass in the ocean to get frosted into wonderful treasures.  She even traveled with her husband to Rincon, Puerto Rico recently in order to restock her supply!

Speaking of her darling husband, he has been roped into the business as well.  He is the voice of customer service and the couple has made long lasting internet friends thanks to their absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.  Jean admits that her focus is on satisfaction over profit which flies in the face of every possible business model, but says that it helps to keep the business fun!  As SamiSeaglass has grown, this talented lady’s work is showing up in coutiques in Atlanta, Florida, Cape Cod, Boston and now, thanks to a daughter wearing a piece while on vacation, even in Paris! (Proof that you should always be willing to show off your work wherever you go!)  She had donated to charities and fundraisers as a way to give back and is always willing to talk about wholesale and consignments with interested shops.

aqua sea glass pendant necklaceJean is the first to admit that the handmade business is not always easy.  She jumped in and says she is going to keep pushing no matter what to see what works and what doesn’t.  As far as other artists wanting to join the fun…well, while you may not immediately want to give up your day job, if you are passionate and willing go for it!  You never know where your adventure will lead.

Are you ready to see what this wonderful woman can create with treasures from the sea?  SamiSeaglass is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on Etsy.  You can follow her work on Facebook and check out her other interests on Pinterest!

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