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Discover Handmade 1st Anniversary

Hi Friends….Welcome to Discover Handmade 1st Anniversary. Hard to believe its been one year since the first ‘Discover Handmade’ was posted…..May 3, 2013 right here on Handmade Artists Blog. It has been a so much fun searching through hundreds of handmade shops looking for products to share each week. Not to mention, I have finally learned how to use my photo editor much more efficiently … and now I can get around WordPress without to much frustration. LOL

Seriously… A big Thank You to Andrew and Kimberly (owners of HandmadeArtists.com) for allowing me to create this weekly post, designed to help shop owners get their product noticed on the web. Also, thanks to all of those who support Discover Handmade by commenting and sharing the article on social media, Pinterest, and blogs.

It’s a big world out there, the World Wide Web… and I hope Discover Handmade has helped (a tiny bit) you and your handmade business.

As you know none of this would be possible without you (shop owners) and your passion to create handmade products and sell them here at HandmadeArtists.com.  Woo Hoo!   I look forward to another year… maybe 10!  All right everyone, back to work!  ;0)

This week I wanted to take a stroll back through time, over the past 52 weeks of wonderful, attention-grabbing, delightful, unique, handmade products shared on Discover Handmade.  Enjoy !

#1handmade discovery on Handmade Artists


#2Handmade Artists Discovery


#3Discover Hand Made


#4Discover Handmade On Handmade Artists


Thanks again everyone and see you again next week! Cari

Cari (crochethooked)

Too see all of Cari’s posts on Discover Handmade click Here there are a few other posts mixed in here, but if the post says discover handmade then you know it is hers. ENJOY

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