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Discover Handmade June 28

Good Morning Everyone! A charm bracelet, snack bag, masquerade mask, cabochon, and an art print are all featured on Discover Handmade for June 28. Handmade artists’ use their skills and imagination when designing their unique creations, which is evident by these artists: DaraGallery, FabFunky, Ramussengems, Uniqlets, and PineappleSpiceGirl from HandmadeAritsts.com.

Discover Handmade June 28 The product titles, artist names, and pictures are linked to the artists shop. By clicking on the link a new window will open for your convenience.

 Are you ready? Well, then… Lets Go and Discover Handmade!

Oak Leaf Tooled Leather Masquerade Mask by DaraGallery

Oak Leaf Tooled Leather Masquerade Mask

Product Details:

Made of 4-5 oz tooling leather, this mask is lightweight but study. 

The leather was hand tooled with a oak leaf and acorn design before shaping the mask and adding more hand cut leaf and acorn pieces. 

The… Read More > Oak Leaf Tooled Leather Masquerade Mask

Shop @ Dara Gallery

Vintage BeeHive Dictionary Art Print by FabFunky

Vintage BeeHive Dictionary Art Print by FabFunkyProduct Details:

Vintage print in three behives! At FabFunky our mission is to make the world a little more fabulous, one picture at a time!  Our pictures are designed to bring a little whimsy into your life and a smile to your face.  Your prints will look brilliant hung on… Read More > Vintage BeeHive Dictionary Art Print 

Shop @ FabFunky

Slag Glass Cabochon by ramussengems

Slag Glass Cabochon by ramussengems

Product Details:

30.8 carats of slag glass cut en cabochon in a free form triangular shape in our lapidary.  Natural gas bubbles show on the surface to make this cabochon extremely beautiful.  The blue/green… Read More >  Slag Glass Cabochon

Shop @ Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC

Monopoly Charms 1 by Uniqlets

Monopoly Charms 1 by Uniqlets

Product Details:

This handcrafted, unique charm bracelet is made with re-purposed elements.  The unusual combination includes rare composition iron and train playing pieces made only briefly during WWII because… Read More > Monopoly Charms 1

Shop @ Uniqlets

Pacifier Pouch Ouch Pouch Reusable Snack Bag Nemo by PineappleSpiceGirl

Pacifier Pouch Ouch Pouch Reusable Snack Bag Nemo by PineappleSpiceGirl

Product Details:

Reusable In So Many Ways!!

Never lose the pacifier in the bottom of the diaper bag again. Conveniently clips to the diaper bag, stroller, ANYWHERE you want. This bag converts to reusable snack pouch when… Read More > Pacifier Pouch Ouch Pouch

Shop @ Pineapple Spice Girl

Awesome handmade products shared today… Lets give all the artists featured a round of applause… (Loud clapping from the audience… lol)  Thanks everyone and please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Furthermore, be on the look out… I am searching high and low, through all the Handmade Artists Shops for more products to share on Discover Handmade.  Until then, be safe everyone and see you next week.

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 by Cari (crochethooked)


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