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Herb and Dorothy 2008

Filmmaker Megumi Sasaki’s-”Herb and Dorothy” 2008Herb and Dorthy

An independent film review…..

Meet The Vogel’s, an unassuming but inspiring couple who spent their lives obsessively and respectfully acquiring one of the most significant collections of contemporary art in New York City beginning in the 1960′s.

Herbert and Dorothy Vogel began their relationship as wannabe artists living in New York and after giving up on their own art Herb, a postal clerk and Dorothy, a librarian began collecting as many works of art as they could afford. Together they accumulated one of New York City’s most prominent collections of art totaling in the thousands! The Vogel’s loyally supported many emerging artists and followed their careers through to notable success, artists including Sol LeWitt, and Richard Tuttle.

The film is Megumi Sasaki’s first and she felt inspired to document Herb and Dorothy’s story when she met the couple and witnessed their incredible collection. The movie has a beautifully intimate feel and the filmmaker hung out with and got to know the fascinating duo for a full four years while filming and finding the necessary yet hard-to-come-by funding.

The couple’s one bedroom rent-controlled apartment was stacked floor to ceiling with art and between the 1960’s through to the 1990’s the collection was housed there. The only rules Herb and Dorothy had when buying art was 1.it had to be affordable and 2. it had to fit in the apartment.

This was a truly inspirational story about an art-loving couple who with the utmost respect and dedication preserved a generous portion of New York City’s art history on a very modest income. Excellent movie and definitely worth a watch!

Do you want to find out more about The artistically mogul Vogel’s and find out what happened to their collection? Well you can watch the film for free!!! Herb and Dorothy wanted everyone to have access to their collection and in keeping with their vision Sasaki’s film is accessible to the public and is available to view free online at the link below. Enjoy!

Watch the Trailer.

Watch the Movie

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