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handmade aquamarine ring

Aquamarine is a beautiful blue to blue/green colored variety of the mineral Beryl. Beryl is a beryllium aluminum silicate (Be3Al2(Si6O18)) that occurs in pegmatite formations over a wide range of geography. The color of the mineral specimen determines the gem name. Probably the most famous of the beryl gemstones is the green variety with chrome […]

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Don’t let Social Media Get the Best Of You


Social media is a huge, and often free, tool of small businesses to promote their work and get their name out to the public; but are you using it correctly or are you shooting yourself in the foot? Social media is anything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to your blog. You are connecting with […]

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Are Your Policies Ready?


Have you thought the sale all the way through? I have noticed on HandmadeArtists as well as other sites that sellers often time did not take the time to fill out their shop policies which leaves me wondering if it is an oversight, a matter of time, or something else; so I ask you, have […]

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Expanding With Pinterest


Like so many of you small businesses out there, I try to keep my eye out for new ways to promote and connect with potential customers. There are so many new online applications popping up on a regular basis, it is always tough to know which ones are a good use of our time and […]

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Why Do I Do This?

knitting pattern

  I have been up to my eyeballs lately in baby blankets. I actually love knitting these. Nine out of ten of them are the pattern pictured, which is handed down from my great-grandmother. It’s so enjoyable to knit in straight rows and end up with this wavy blanket. Plus, baby yarn is a delight […]

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Is it Really Handmade?


Handmade? I am kinda passionate about the adjective handmade as in “handmade product.” I’m not wanting to be a purist but I am (a) concerned about keeping a true vision of what is handmade in this very-technological 21st century and (b) honoring the artists from earlier centuries who had only their hands to work with. […]

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Brand your Shop in Style

handmade banner set

Branding your Shop in Style Branding your shop is so important! Find a look you love and carry it through. Use it for your networks, shop, Business Cards and more. Becoming recognized is so important. Helping Hands Graphic Design can help you do just that. Custom Banners, Avatars, Business Card Templates to name just a […]

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Should You Create and Sell a Pattern of Your Work?

knitted skates pattern

Have you ever been told, “you should write a pattern” for something that you make? If you are active in your medium at all, the answer to that question is probably “yes”. But is it a good idea? I’m not able to answer that question for you beyond that, yes, it is an idea. What […]

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Where Do You Want To Be?


2013 is coming to a close and the New Year is upon us. For many, that means New Year resolutions in both personal life and business life. Unfortunately, many of these goals go unrealized because the job seems too overwhelming and fear sets in. So, how do you overcome this and take the first step? […]

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A Toast to the Quilt Influence New Years 2014

tumbling Block

Scholars of American cultural history have declared that the two arts America has contributed to the world are patchwork quilting and jazz. They represent improvisation and the spirit of independence, also the will to have uplifting elements in a harsh environment and ‘making something out of nothing’ as the folk songs say. Not true that […]

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