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Blue Buddha Boutique Giveaway Winner!!!

March 2013Shaggy loops chainmaille

Not only do crafters like to craft, they like to help other crafters craft. They even enjoy encouraging non-crafters to craft. They’re crafty like that. I consider myself pretty crafty but I’ve never tried my hand at chainmaille. I love it and marvel at it frequently but had never actually tried it until…I won the Shaggy Loops Prize starter kit from the Blue Buddha Boutique on the Handmade Artists Blog in December 2012.Shaggy loops kit

They sent me a wonderful e-mail and asked me to select my colors of chainmaille. From all the wonderful colors offered I selected teal and brown. The kit arrived less than a week or so later and the links of chain had deep rich vibrant colors and were very sturdy. The instructions for making the Shaggy Loops Prize design (by Rebeca Mojica, weave by Metal Designz) were clear and easy to follow and I soon got to work making my bracelet. The kit came with the two main colored chain links or rings, and a few smaller plain metal chain links to attach the bracelet to a metal closure set which they also included.  Finished Piece Shaggy LoopsUsing my own tools I worked steadily building the bracelet’s length and periodically measuring it against my wrist.  It didn’t take long to finish….maybe an hour? I decided to alternate the colors every three links to give it my own spin and it turned out beautifully. Once I got going I soon realized how meditative this process can be. Perfect for someone just starting out or a seasoned crafter like myself.  The design can accommodate many different ring sizes and any color combo would be great!

For those of you out there who would like to try something new…something crafty… I’d consider getting one of the kits offered at the Blue Buddha Boutique  and give chainmaille  a try! I had plenty leftover to make a couple of rings or I could have made a necklace or a longer bracelet. Shaggy Loops Materials










Thanks Blue Buddha Boutique I really enjoyed that!

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