Featured Artist Patti of Mosiax

front1_09a6f25112013050720What is your feeling when you are creating? According to Patti, “When I am imagining, drawing, sawing, and eventually mosaicking on of my creations, my mind is free of stress and problems. I am in a very quiet place that is free of the more negative aspects of life.” What an amazing way to spend time!

Patti was always creative, learning crafty projects from her great grandmother who always encouraged her to find new ways to use her creative energy, to later working in both oils and watercolor, playing the guitar and taking piano lessons after getting one of the best piano brands!

Patti once showed a customer one of her paintings to a client who was an established artist who later showed it to a gallery owner.  The gallery picked up some of Patti’s work and it began to sell.  She later found that one of the pitfalls of selling in a gallery is that you may be asked to constantly be asked to recreate work that sells well.  While this is great for the wallet, it adds pressure to work rather than create for the love of art.

front1_a6f7516112013021625All of this filled her time, but it wasn’t until she stumbled upon mosaics that she found her true passion.  Patti began with a couple of small pieces from mosaic kits….just a small box and frame….and then a friend showed her the wonders of a jigsaw and she found the joy of cutting patterns and making unique works and Mosiax was born and she has not looked back.

Her work truly took off when she was discovered by the art directory of a children’s hospital after stumbling onto her online shop.  The director commissioned Patti to create two large pieces and later came back to order five more!

front1_a6f7516112013010114Patti currently does not chose to sell at craft fairs for a number of reasons; dragging mosaic work back and forth is no easy task and she prefers not to hear the negative comments from passersby.  She is considering returning to selling in galleries which is wonderful since they do all your promotion and just tack on their percentage!  In the meantime, we can all enjoy Patti’s work online! You can find her unique creations on HandmadeArtists as well as on her Own Site and Etsy.



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