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Expanding With Pinterest


Like so many of you small businesses out there, I try to keep my eye out for new ways to promote and connect with potential customers. There are so many new online applications popping up on a regular basis, it is always tough to know which ones are a good use of our time and […]

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Featured Artist The Bead Muse


Sometimes life happens and when it does, it can drag you down or set you on a new path of creativity. Such is the case of Califia, a stay at home mom who had put her creativity on the back burner until a leg injury left her searching for something to do! Right after hurting […]

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Why Do I Do This?

knitting pattern

  I have been up to my eyeballs lately in baby blankets. I actually love knitting these. Nine out of ten of them are the pattern pictured, which is handed down from my great-grandmother. It’s so enjoyable to knit in straight rows and end up with this wavy blanket. Plus, baby yarn is a delight […]

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International Polar Bear Day

quilled art

Since, at least here in the North East, it looks like winter will NEVER end, I thought rather than fight it we will just embrace the cold and celebrate International Polar Bear Day! On this day you could check out some adorable pictures of fluffy white cubs frolicking in the snow or maybe join a […]

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Should You Create and Sell a Pattern of Your Work?

knitted skates pattern

Have you ever been told, “you should write a pattern” for something that you make? If you are active in your medium at all, the answer to that question is probably “yes”. But is it a good idea? I’m not able to answer that question for you beyond that, yes, it is an idea. What […]

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Featured Artist Patti of Mosiax


What is your feeling when you are creating? According to Patti, “When I am imagining, drawing, sawing, and eventually mosaicking on of my creations, my mind is free of stress and problems. I am in a very quiet place that is free of the more negative aspects of life.” What an amazing way to spend […]

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Featured Artist Laura Da Goddess of Tutreasures


“I have always lived or wanted an interactive life. Watching television or sports or anything that did not involve me doing something hands on was never enough for me.” Laura Da Goddess Laura spent time as an IT tech for a nonprofit organization that provides advocates to the disabled and mentally challenged until about 8 […]

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Featured Artist Carla of Delta Moon Soapworks

handmade ginger soap

Have you ever made something out of necessity and found a passion you did not even know was there? Such is the case of an extremely talented artist! Carla is a lively mother and wife who has always been creative, from drawing and creating as a child to a full out artisan soaper! Her adventure […]

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The New Year is Here

Handmade masks

How quickly time flies….the New Year is here. Going to a Masquerade Party to celebrate the New Year, this is perfect and handmade…. Clinking your glasses for Best Wishes at 12 AM welcoming the New Year….   Giving a lil Pink Piggy, in Germany, means good luck for the New Year… For a lil while […]

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A Journey from Rock to Jewelry


About two months ago, a man contacted a local brick and mortar jewelry store. He walked in with a 20 pound rock. He asked the bench jeweler what it was. The jeweler said, that he did not know how to identify a rock, but he knew someone who could help him. So I got a […]

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