What Do You Do With Your Scraps?

I quilt, which leaves me with a myriad of small pieces of fabric; scraps that are really not big enough to do anything significant with but too big to just throw away. So a few years ago, I decided to invent something worthwhile to do with my scraps. I make miniature rag dolls which were originally intended to be Christmas tree ornaments. Since I’ve made four quilts since the first of this year, it is time to use up some of the scraps I’ve created, which is why I have the array of little dolls, little dresses and various yarns all over my work space!

I also knit, as you know.  This, too, generates scraps.  With my yarn scraps, I knit baby headbands.  In fact, I even wrote a tutorial so that you, too, can use up those end-of-skein bits of yarn (click HERE for that tutorial).

There are too many art forms to list, but I would bet that each and every one of them generate scrap, just as my passions do.  I would love to hear about your medium and what creative ways you have developed to use up your scraps!

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5 Responses to “What Do You Do With Your Scraps?”

  • MulchandMore says:

    yarn scraps-hand spun can be carded into more wool to add textures to the next yarn!
    commercial yarns- used to tie my handspun skeins. bits and pieces (depending on fiber)- used in wet felting
    material- I’ve always saved from sewing clothes for that “one day” that I finally decide to piece a quilt :) Perhaps yours could be used to make miniature crazy quilts for dolls?
    candle making, wick trimmings used as wicks in fire starters, dabs of scented wax layered in a jar with coordinating scents to make my OOAK “candle factory” candles.
    Yes almost every craft that I can think of generates leftovers!

  • mercag says:

    I use them as lining for little bags i make and any more scraps go into a “crazy quilt”

  • MsMartyD says:

    I start with scraps.….. small pieces for dolls and fashion doll clothes. For those who don’t know I got a really cranky email from a toy maker a few years ago when I advertised my “Barbie” clothes for sale. Barbie and Ken and their friends are all copyrighted names. The makers get really crabby when a “regular” person infringes on their copyright….. hence, the name Fashion Doll Clothing.

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