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It’s that time of year where many of us are thinking of taking our arts and crafts on the road. But how on earth do you find shows?

In our experience, in a perfect world, we like to walk a prospective show before we apply/pay the booth fee to do it. But this isn’t always practical. Usually these things are annual. This isn’t a bad idea if you can wait a year for the opportunity of participating.

I think the very best way to find shows is to talk to other artists/craftsmen.  We have also found that we get the most detailed and excellent input from people NOT in our medium.  This, too, makes sense.  If I ask a fiber artist what shows they think are worth doing, they might hold back that one jewel of a show because they don’t want any more competition at it.

There are several, if not many, sites online that list arts and crafts fairs and festivals.  Most offer search features to narrow down the timeline and the location.  Here’s a list of sites I have used:


Creating a free account with these sites gives you more search options and the ability to subscribe for updates on upcoming application deadlines and show dates.

If you already know you want to do a show in a specific place, check the local Chamber of Commerce website or the city/town’s website.  They usually have a community events calendar and either of these places are happy to answer questions and talk up their communities.

I am certain there are other creative ways to find great arts and crafts festivals.  Please leave your ideas in the comments section below!

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