New Year Resolutions We Can All Live By

It’s that time of year. We all think of what we can do to make ourselves and our lives better and then resolve to do it in the new year. How many of those resolutions are kept for more than just a little while? I have a suggestion that may benefit individuals and all of us at the same time.


Let’s all resolve to make the arts and crafts community the beacon of peace, love, hope and brotherhood to all we encounter in the coming year. Let’s demonstrate that diversity in the arts only adds to the enjoyment and impact it has on us all, just like the diversity in people. Let’s embrace those differences and profess that we truly believe that they are precisely what makes life, like art, interesting and compelling. Let us all strive to find the positive in each others’ work, and in each other. If we do this simple thing, the negatives will fade into oblivion and we will all be better for it.

I’m certainly not perfect, no one is. This is, after all, earth. Think about how boring it would be if all artists painted, and that was it. We all have such special skills and talents. Let’s embrace those and make everyone’s existence that much more fulfilling!

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