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Hello artists and crafters! I completely understand you busy hands and imaginative brains. I am right there with you! I’ve done a few shows this year and have been busy replenishing inventory to be ready for the next. But I started to yearn for some fellowship with like minded people in my area. There are several, if not many, art groups where I live, but I just thought there had to be more. You can get all updates about my incoming shows on sustainabilitystreet .

quilts of valor


What I found was my local chapter of Quilts of Valor.  This group makes quilts to be given to veterans all over the country.  They supply all the fabric you could want, the batting, and have volunteers to long-arm quilt the creations.  It’s a vibrant group of ladies!  We meet to sew, quilt, and chat on the first and third Thursdays of each month.  We are all doing what we love all the while contributing to our precious veterans.  This is certainly a win-win situation.

Pajama Project


There are lots and lots of groups out there that are crafty people doing something to make someone else’s life easier or better.  I’m sure if you look around your area, you could find them.  It is a wonderful feeling of togetherness and charity, all the while doing what you love!

teddy bear foundation

If you can’t find one, perhaps you can create one!  I know of a lady who loves to make jewelry.  She wanted to take a break from the stresses of being a seller, but she still wanted to make jwelry.  Her solution?  She made jewelry and donated it to her local St. Vincent de Paul society store where she knew the proceeds would do some good in her community.

Be nice to yourself and support those who are less fortunate.  You’ll feel so good doing it!

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