Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial

Handmade Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial

by Beverley Start

October 2012Polymer Clay Pympkins

I handmade these adorable polymer clay pumpkins today and really loved how they turned out so I thought I’d share the process with a tutorial.

Polymer Clay Colors

1.Take equal parts of gold, yellow, and red and mix them together leaving them a bit streaky to create a realistic look on the finished pumpkin. Milxed Blended Polymer Clay

Rounded Polymer Clay2. Make a ball the size you want and press down in the middle with your baby finger or something that will give it a nice dimple.





Polymer Clay Cutting

3. Take a dull blade or other suitable edge and create ridges all around the pumpkin.





Polymer Clay Pumpkin4. Mix green with brown until its streaky (more so than the pumpkin color) and make little cone shapes for the stems. Next, using your edge or blade, add lines all around it before adding it to your pumpkin.

5. Gently press the stem into the dimple on the top of the pumpkin. *For an added detail add some smaller lines all over the pumpkin’s surface in between the large indentations you made earlier.

6. Now using the same green/brown mixture roll out with your fingertips a long thin snake and wrap small lengths around a safety pin or sewing pin or whatever is handy and works.

7. Bake as directed on the polymer clay package and let the pieces cool.

8. Using crazy glue, gently attach the curly cues to the base of the pumpkin’s stem.Completed Pumpkin





9. Use water based polyurethane to seal it and let it dry.

Finished Handmade PumpkinThese adorable little veggies are ripe and ready to be used in your arts and crafts projects. Enjoy and happy harvest everyone!

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