Handmade Artists Shop “Not Limited” by Loretta

I like to introduce Loretta and her ceramics today. Her shop here on Handmadeartist.com is called “Not Limited” and here is the link https://handmadeartists.com/shop/LorettaClark

Her creatures just make laugh and smile form ear to ear. How cute is this lil creature, I just delighted in this adorable lil dinosaur. Seems like he is looking straight up in his Momma’s face, saying “so what now Mom, I am here”…..(smile)

handmade dinosaur


She grew up in Pennsylvania and worked for a time in New York before relocating to Arizona. She is a self-taught artist/crafter, and has always enjoyed being creative. She has over 25 years experience of doing fine art/craft shows and consignment shops but has since replaced this method of selling to making her handmade creatures and products more widely available online. So , here she is on Handmadeartist.com

Here is another item that captured my heart. Did you know Owls mate for life?

handmade owl

Her main specialty has always been ceramics, she does her own casting & kiln firing of ceramics from her own molds and does some combined clay sculpturing. In addition to her ceramics her interest is in making needlecraft accessories, s most of her ceramic pieces and many of her items have a trend toward the Southwestern.

Now this Wolf…… just cracks me up….to precious…

handmade ceramic wolf

She loves color, working with fabric, and strives for quality and attention to detail. Her main outside interests are gardening and sewing. She lives where the desert meets the mountains with her husband, Frank, and her two little s.

You can find her right here, go visit, and shop:

Loretta Clark on Handmade Artists

Written with quotes form her shop.

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