National Farriers Week!

National Farriers Week, from July 10-16, honors the men and women who care for and maintain the hooves of horses. This highly specialized trade requires skill in hoof care, blacksmithing, as well as care of injured and diseased hooves. While caring for these amazing animals, it is not unusual to receive calls at odd hours, to be stepped on, bitten or otherwise nudged, nibbled or nuzzled.  If you have a favorite farrier, be sure to send a thank you during National Farriers Week

So, in the spirit of celebrating this majestic animal and those that care for them, I thought I would share some of the wonderful handmade treasures that are offered here on Handmade Artists. I hope you enjoy them…



Horse of Another Color Pendant Necklace

Horse of Another Color Pendant Necklace




Painted Primitive Wood Horse Sculpture




Horse Charm Earrings



Blue Ceramic Rocking Horse

Blue Ceramic Rocking Horse

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