National Farriers Week!
Horse of Another Color

National Farriers Week, from July 10-16, honors the men and women who care for and maintain the hooves of horses. This highly specialized trade requires skill in hoof care, blacksmithing, as well as care of injured and diseased hooves. While caring for these amazing animals, it is not unusual to receive calls at odd hours, […]

Featured Artist Geraldine of G&TMelbourne
Azred Bracelet

One of the most exciting things about the internet is the ability to interact with and buy from artists from around the world like Geraldine; an IT Project Manager by trade and an artist at heart. Geraldine lives in Melbourne, Australia and has always had a creative soul starting from childhood; cutting up fabric to […]

Featured Artist Melina of MMGems

Artists are not selling materials, artists are selling ideas and offering emotions. What an amazing statement from an artist that works from the heart! Melina is a woman that has worked with her hands her entire life. As the youngest child in the family in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she was a third hand for everyone […]

Lady Faith Jewelry

Artists are as varied as their arts in every way and each traveled their own journey to get to where they are; and it is those journeys which make art so special. Barbara Lady Faith Branson (isn’t that just the most incredible name you have ever heard? Like a real life fairy tale princess!) grew […]

Featured Artist HrtsMom

There is something so special about belonging to a creative family! Everyone appreciating work that goes into handmade and encouraging a child to explore can truly lead to great things. Trina was blessed to be born into just such a family; with a mother who had a side business of decorating cakes as well as […]

Featured Artist MixedKreations
Copper half cuff

I love to follow the path that some artists take to get to the craft they are truly passionate about and reading Linda’s story was no different. She has only been working in jewelry design for about 3 years but has learned a lifetime of lessons! She began, as so many of us do, with […]

Featured Artist – PamStudio

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve always loved to draw and create things. While attending Maryland Institute, College of Art I discovered my love for metals. I graduated in 1983 and for the last 26 years (could it really be that long?) my journey has been varied. I’ve spent about 15 of these […]


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