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There is a special gift that allows some people to combine different types of gemstones and silver in a way that is absolute perfection in every way, jewelry that does not scream look at me! Yet you can not help but notice because of the intricate elegance. Colette is one of those special people who have managed to work within this delicate balance of intricacy and style to create a line of jewelry that any woman would be proud to wear.

Colette is originally from the Ivory Coast West Africa and a native French speaker.  Like so many creative souls, she began as a child working with her hands.  Colette began crocheting little coin purses and pencil bags and selling them to her classmates in third grade…talented and enterprising!  She played around with embroidery and sewing as well and is still known to pick up a needle on occasion…but her real passion was found later.

Colette was working in the corporate world as a Database developer up until about 2 years ago when she was laid off.  She used this time to enjoy her two children; a daughter who is 8 and a 3 year old son…speaking from experience, this is enough to keep any mother busy for the entire day!  Unable to sit still, Colette used what little spare time she had to dabble in jewelry and a passion was found!

As many of us know, once we start working in a medium that we love, there is not stopping; a fact that Colette quickly found.  She was unable to wear all the stunning pieces that her talented hands were churning out and with the encouragement of her family and friends, ColettesBoutique was born.  She has found much pleasure in selling her work, most of all seeing people really fall in love with a piece and appreciate the time and love that she puts into her art.  She does warn those that are thinking of joining the handmade marketplace that selling your art is not always the easy road and you do have to have perseverance and patience…but definitely…if you love it…keep trying!

She has not ventured into the world of craft or art fairs just yet, but lucky for all of us that she has made a presence on the internet for the world to enjoy.  She is a star on the HandmadeArtistsShop as well as her own Website and on Etsy.  You can follow her on Facebook to see her newest creations as well as!  While you are clicking around, take note of the incredible detail that Colette puts into each and every piece and don’t be surprised to find yourself drooling uncontrollably over one treasure or another!

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