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There is something very exciting, and at the same time, terrifying about following your passion.  Laura, AKA Narrina, AKA Handmaden Designs chose just this path and is steadily turning her passion into a successful business.

Laura was born in Ireland where her parents were missionaries for 13 years.  This start probably fed her love of travel.  Another love of Laura’s is history, which has become the main source of inspiration for her jewelry.  Her jewelry making began early on when her family gave her a couple of bead kits for a Christmas gift…who would have known where that simple gift would one day lead.

Over the years, Laura has played with many types of art; anything from painting, experimental photography, sculpture, and graphic design is fair game.  Her list is far from fished as she would still like to try her hand at stained glass and mosaics…basically whatever strikes her fancy she is willing to put her hands on.  When she isn’t creating, Laura plays the flute, goes rock-hounding and spends time with her family.  Somewhere in the midst of all this, she still finds time to create amazing works of wearable art.

After much experimentation, Laura learned that though she loved making jewelry, her and thread did not get along…so much for beading or bead weaving!  Instead, Laura found that metal becomes magical in her hands.  After trying a simple wire pattern from a book, Laura was hooked!  Metal smithing, Chainmaille, wire-work or upcycling old jewelry; if it is metal it is magic in her hands.  One thing led to another and soon a business was born.

While the business is still young it is growing steadily.  Laura loves doing shows and watching others react to her work.  Shy by nature, she has found that once she gets talking to others about her passion the love comes through and people see it.

Want to check out more?  You can find Laura around the web and be amazed at her talent.

Handmaden Designs


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